Monday, November 17, 2008

Princess Mummy

I finally did it, I had a half a day without any of the children and how did myself and Mr T use this time? We went Christmas shopping for the kids of course. I have to admit though that we managed to buy a wonderful party dress for me with shoes and handbag and wrap for the Christmas dinner with the school Mums.

I am nervous about the party, not because of the company but the destination, the dinner is to be held at a local golf come country club place which looks rather posh. Under dress and you risk being a social pariah and over dress and you look like a show off with far too much money in times of hardship. I am worried about the latter. I found a wonderful dress which I thought I would never be able to squeeze into and after promising just to try it on I slipped into the changing area and it fitted like a glove and I didn't want to take it off.

I did of course and bought it and when I finally summoned the courage to try it on again at home, just in case it suddenly didn't fit I showed my daughter whose eyes went wide and I knew that the dress was good. Now all I have to do is learn how to walk in the heels that I bought with it without breaking my neck and hope that I am not over dressed and rather than enjoying Christmas dinner wanting to find the nearest hole to throw myself in.

IN other news, Heather has been given the all clear with her ears and hearing for now, we will have to see what the winter brings, Matthew seems to have realised that he is two and is meant to be terrible as he is certainly living up to the billing and little Lucy has figured out that rolling really can get you everywhere! I am still waiting on a date for the book to be published but shouldn't be too long now with any luck, watch this space!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where was I...

Heather and I were discussing playing with friends as she had, had a friend over after school today.
'Did you have friends at school Mummy?'
'And did you play with them?
'At their houses?'
'Yes Sometimes'
'Well did Daddy look after me then?'
'No I didn't know Daddy then, and you weren't here.'
'Where was I then?'
She thinks for a bit...
'was I in your tummy?
'NO, you just didn't exist yet?'
Was I a dog then?'
At that point I gave up! But apparently she was a dog who lived with the fairies even though they don't normally keep dogs, her was special, of course - oh and she was a pink dog with curly hair, just in case you're wondering.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I cannot believe it has been so long since I was last here!
Things have moved on apace since I last blogged.
I have finished my first novel and am in the process of doing the red pen mark up. As a former teacher it is quite ironic that I am now scribbling comments on my own work reflecting improvements to be made, and the red lines through things rather then being discouraging are spurring me on as I want the book to be the best it can be. I am hoping it will be available towards the end of the year but as with all things that are good, they come to she who waits...and waits...and waits.

The kids have all been ill and grotty, timing it just right for Heather's half term. Still a week to go and now they are feeling better the weather is on the turn. Heather is coming on in leaps and bounds with her reading and writing and I am constantly amazed at the child's ability to learn. She made my heart melt the other day when after spending some time bent over a piece of her favourite pink paper she sidles up to me and gives me a card, She has folded it herself, drawn two flowers and two butterflies and written the word mum all by herself as well as her own name. Bless

I have also decided they have invented a new word 'gooby. It came about when Heather misheard me say gloopy, and now she seems to have passes it on to Matthew and so every night in the bath when we squirt the lovely lavender soap onto their hands they delight in rubbing them together and yelling 'look gooby' at the tops of their voices. I wonder what words you have invented?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Harvest Vegetable

It has been a busy week. I passed a delightful breakfast morning on Tuesday and then on Wednesday Heather had a friend to play and we made Rice Crispie cakes, with raisins to add some nutritional value. Today was special as well it was the schools annual harvest festival and the children were encouraged to take food items into school which were to be donated to a local homeless shelter for the young.
I had remembered to buy some items for Heather to donate on Wednesday and stowed them on top of the fridge, being lovely food items I was worried they wouldn't survive until today had they been accessible, so of course when we arrived at school today the donation was still on top of the fridge.

I felt very guilty, it is the first, but alas, I doubt the last, time I had forgotten an essential item. I rushed to pre-school and deposited Matthew and then dashed home. Lucy had with luck decided it was time for a nap so we returned to Heather's school, donation in hand and handed it over to the secretary, she smiled as soon as she saw me with my carrier bag and I knew that she had probably been inundated with lots of Mums dropping off their forgotten goods.

When I picked Heather up I asked her if she had given the food in during assembly and she assured me that she had.

'A man came and took them though' she said 'for poorer people. He said we were all very nice giving them such nice things to eat.'

'That's good' I say pleased she has understood the general idea.

'It's a special time' she continues 'harvest vegetable.' Priceless!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Heather 1, Mummy O

'He's pushing me' Heather whines as she and Matthew push one another in the race to get through the front door.
I retrieve Lucy from the car while Heather and Matthew continue to shove one another in an effort to be first.
'Ouch' cries Heather, she is giving as good as she gets. Due to all the pushing one or the other's head is in the way so I can't actually open the door.
'Mummy go in' says Matthew giving Heather a forceful shove which she duly returns.
'I'm pushing Matthew because he's pushing me' she explains helpfully.
Finally managing to get the key in the door I being to open it until one of them lands against the door shutting it again.
'Look you two, we don't push, what are you animals?'
Quick as a wink Heather replies 'Yes Mummy we're cheeky monkeys.'
Laughing too hard to remonstrate further I get the door open and Matthew elbows his way in first, not very gentleman like, but for him a small victory.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Black Box

If you scroll down far enough, paying attention to the sidebar, you will notice a new widget -black boxes.
You click a few choices and it will take you to a shiny new mystery blog, chosen randomly from your responses.
If you have made it here from the black box widget then please make yourself comfortable, introduce yourself and say hello. Incidentally if you remember your route to my page it would be great if you could give me some details of your answers.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Injury time

I am sure Matthew is going for the record number of injuries in one day:
Grabbing a cup of tea and pouring over himself (Luckily it was mine and therefore cold otherwise it could have been nasty.)
Scaling Lucy's high chair and falling off,
Trying to sit in the crumb catcher of the high chair and falling through,
Playing with his fire engine and following it head first off the sofa,
Standing under the breakfast bar and attempting to jump despite the face that his head brushes the top.
Miraculously no major injuries and when he gets a kiss to the injured part he shouts 'all better' at the top of his voice.

Heather says 'Mummy look at this' and I know I have to brace myself.
I look at the foot thrust towards me and follow her finger to where it is pointing - her big toe with a small piece of loose skin attached. She is yanking to no avail.
'I think it's a bogey' she says 'It had to stay there forever because I ate it earlier and now it's on my foot forever.'
I just smile and wonder why she feels she needs to share such pieces of information with me.

Lucy is teething and it is not pretty, wailing for an hour takes us all by surprise being as she is usually such a happy baby, I hope the little pegs pop through soon.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Reading workshop and a trip to New York

Today I had to attend the reading workshop at Heather's school. Despite being a qualified teacher I feel strangely out of my depth now my own child is attending school. I was a bit worried that I might be labelled an awkward parent having enquired about the seating arrangements and the fact that Heather was upset by being asked to read books without words! (Do they think I'm stupid mummy, I told them I could read real books!)

Luckily all went smoothly and we came home where we had left Mr T with Matthew and Lucy. A few minutes before 4 his blackberry goes and he disappears upstairs indicating a work call - do not disturb. He comes down.
'I might need to go to New York tonight' he says as if he is just going around the corner! To New York he has gone, or at the time of writing is going. Until Monday! We had to rearrange an airport pick up for his brother who flew in from Crete. Mr T was meant to be getting him and with three kids I was not venturing to the airport at 9pm! Luckily his work agreed to pick up the tab so he was picked up by a cabbie and driven home!

Still I have a birthday party to look forward tomorrow featuring cars driven by four year olds, god help us, and on Sunday Matthew has footie club, god help them! Still second weekend in a row on my own with the kids as Mr T swanned off to Belgium last weekend for his birthday visit to the grand prix, I am sure my reward will appear sometime!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It starts

I was woken by wailing:
'I need Mummy'(Matthew the loudest scream in the East!), and so it continued despite Mr T's best efforts so after 2 minutes I went downstairs to sort out my son, he wanted a Mummy cuddle, nothing more, bless! That seemed to set the trend for the rest of the day so far.
'I don't want to go to school' Heather announced.
'Why not?'
'Because it's a long time' she says hugging me, nothing like a bit of emotional blackmail. Still she went and was happy enough other than having to sit on a table of boys which is apparently 'smelly', the worst complaint my four year old makes.
As for Lucy, poor love is full of cold and not really understanding what a sneeze is, the look of surprise on her face every time it happens is quite amusing.
My new course books arrived today, advanced creative writing - hoping it does help me advance, and hopefully gain a deal at some point, another rejection plopped through the door over the weekend so when I get around to it I will be recycling that to elsewhere!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


A few little incidents from the last few days...

Lucy is at the grab anything in sight stage. She was playing quite happily in her baby gym when big brother Matthew decides to muscle in. After practically covering her in toys I rescued her and soothed her. He came up beside me and bent over to give her a kiss. She grabbed his hair and he ended up in tears. Revenge is sweet, I wonder if he remembers doing the same thing to Heather.

It's bedtime and Lucy is already sleeping, Matthew is in bed until Heather starts screaming and he comes to investigate! The IKEA catalogue had dropped through the door and Heather just loves catalogues, ticking all the things that she wants. Anyway she is looking through that and Matthew busies himself emptying her pram of the assorted debris that it held.
'You little..' I say
'bugger' finishes Heather after a suitably dramatic pause.
'Sacked, unfit Mother' shouts Mr T.
Heather puckers up her face and cuddles me 'I don't want you to go she shouts.'
At least someone loves me!

Heather also seems to be obsessed with death at the moment as she decided to announce at dinner; 'I don't want anyone in this house to do because I love them all.' Well I know my cooking isn't that great but it was only heated up pizza!

Brestfeeding in this house is now nearing the end. Lucy has gone onto bottles at 24 weeks. I am planning to drop to one feed on Tuesday and throw away the maternity bras after next weekend. Then all the children will be fully independent of me in terms of food and drink! Weird, I will be able to go out untrussed, in a long top without clock watching!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I just wondered where all the writers out there get ideas from. Just recently I have found myself getting ideas in the strangest of places. They seem to fly into my head and arrange themselves into sentences or paragraphs. Sometimes instead of words I can see pictures of people and places, always unrelated to what I am doing. Is there such a thing as an over active imagination and with three kids, always on the go, how am I meant to find time to write all the ideas down before they escape into the ether of forgotten ideas?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where do eggs come from?

'Mummy we get milk from cows' Heather announces.
'Yes' I say pleased.
'Mummy, we get eggs from chicken, don't we?'
'Yes' I agree, that's right.
Pleased that she was on a roll she continues - 'They do a poo and the egg comes out and we eat it.'
Not wanting to have to explain the finer techniques of egg laying I agree with her.
'Mummy,' she says after a pause 'Why doesn't an egg come out when I do a poo?'
At this point I gave up! Answers on a postcard...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hurrah a dry night!

I had been despairing, Heather, now 4 was still in pull up-s and showing no sign of giving them up. I decided I had to get tough. We bought some delightful bed mats and informed her that no more nappies would be bought for her! We had discovered that the main danger point was first thing in the morning. She takes a few moments to wake up properly and this was resulting in a flood and lots of washing. We have however sorted it now, we pop her on the toilet just before we go to bed and although half asleep she goes and then when she wakes there is not the pressure so she can amble along in her sweet, dazed half asleep way. The smile on her face when she realised that she had achieved her goal was great, and now my little girl is really growing up.
Matthew however is resolutely refusing to contemplate the toiler or potty and thus nappies must remain on the shopping list. Lucy is piling on the weight and the weaning lark is going well, she has escalated to three meals already. She is however refusing to drink anything unless attached to me but I hold out hope that as her range of tastes expand so will her sense of adventure and willingness to come off the boob!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


We had a wonderful day today, for the first time in about a week the skies were clear and the clouds fluffy, white and candy floss like rather than angry and leaden. So not letting the proverbial grass grow under our feet we met up with some of Heather's school friends in the local park. All the children had a lovely time.

When we came home, wanting to make the most of the weather the kids were out in the garden. Our neighbour's little girl, two weeks older than H duly appeared at the fence and they began their gossiping, catching up on what they had missed in the rain soaked days. Matthew decided to come back in and play with his trains.

'Mummy I am in O's house, look at me' came the cry from the garden. Thinking they were just playing I went out to investigate and lo and behold the child had escaped the confines of our garden and was trespassing next door. Luckily O's mother was gracious enough to allow H to stay and play for a little while! Together we investigate the modus operandi, it appeared that Heather had moved two of her small chairs and one of our larger ones to produce a makeshift ladder. O meanwhile, had shifted a garden chair of her own into position, allowing Heather to cross the divide without splattering herself all over the garden! As they had worked together to form an ingenious plan we allowed them thirty minutes together which ensued in an array of ear splitting shrieking. The next challenge was getting H back onto home turf, she resisted capture but was eventually planted back over the fence where she quickly proceeded having seen the chair ladder had been removed to shinny up a different part of the fence and tried to forward roll back over the fence. Mr T performed a fireman's lift and deposited her in front of the TV, thankfully the first time we have had to resort to such tactics. Was he trying to be funny though- his choice Happy Feet.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bit of a wash out

Yesterday was Heather's party. We were to start at 2pm and have a bouncy castle and ball pool and use her climbing frame, but alas, the British weather put a dampner on things, quite literally.

It started to rain at about 1pm and didn't stop until the middle of the night. Luckily we had a back-up plan having seen the forecast. The previous night I had stayed up until 2am downloading party dance music onto my ipod to ensure that should the worst happen we could do some dancing. We also rigged up the microphone so that the kids could sing, in the end we didn't need these distractions as the 16 children played with the toys in the bedrooms and jumped about.

We had an indoor picnic using the spare tablecloth I had bought (saved on the clearing up as well!). Lucy slept through most of it despite the racket we were making! The kids had a good time at least just a shame the weather couldn't have been kinder but at least we now have a tidy garden and I have reminded myself how to do the cha cha slide, birdie song, agadoo and superman.

Matthew enjoyed the party, he spend most of it eating, as quickly as I could dish out the sugar laden treats and pastry wrapped sausages he was gobbling them down, he did also partake from the fruit platter and seemed to polish off the cucumber and carrot batons single handedly. The horse theme went down a treat but I am glad there are no more kiddie birthdays until March now! (well of mine anyway)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A little manipulation

Matthew seems to be feeling a little under the weather today, he came and cuddled up to me so I ruffled his head;
'I love you' I said to him, he smiled up at me
'I wuv you too... mummy' he said, he has to think carefully about his sentences bless him.
'You're great Matthew' I tell him
'You're great Mummy' he replies just copying my words and swapping the names.
'You're wuvley' he volunteers ( we are still working on L'. Beaming I reply
'Bibbit please, want bibbit' he says smiling and looking me straight in the eye. I wonder did he have his mind on the biscuit tin all along?

I had Lucy weighed earlier as she reaches the grand old age of 2o weeks tomorrow! I was disappointed as she has only put on 80z in 4 weeks and is slipping down the all important growth charts. I have been instructed to start her on solids even though she is 6 weeks too early for this according to the government advice. True my other two were weaned at 20 and 19 weeks so she has done well to reach this point without a morsel. So not long now before I hang up my maternity bra for good and break out low cut tops and slinky dresses which don't look good with breast pads!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Just the Ticket

Yesterday was a busy day even by my family's standards. Next door's daughter turned 4, sickeningly she was born two weeks early on the day I should have been having my own daughter, who decided to arrive two weeks late. Anyway we were off to an indoor play centre for her party. Most Mum's are probably familiar with these places. Tables in the middle of the room, one wall dominated by a cafeteria where you can buy a variety or fried or sugary foods which your child can then work off by climbing on the equipment! In general the kids have fun and get worn out in the process and we Mum's get a degree of peace and an opportunity for some adult conversation! The party finished at 1 but we had to leave a tad early to get to the wonder of the day - a surprise for Heather in advance of her birthday, a trip to Southend to see Lazy Town Live.

We were very diligent and used Mr T's blackberry to check the traffic, it being the hottest day of the year, so far, we knew there would be an exodus to the beach. No problems reported we breathed a sigh of relief and were bowling along rather nicely until we reached the A127 where of course there was an accident, we had just missed its listing on the BBC website.

I will be honest, I lost it ever so slightly, the tickets had cost a small fortune and been purchased a year previously, we had planned a morning at the seaside and travel via train but the party had scuppered that plan and now it looked as if we weren't even going to make it. We crawled along occasionally picking up speed only to have our hopes of a quick journey dashed a few hundred yards further down the road. Luckily we had the trusty A-z, found an alternative route and went as hell to leather as we could in a 30 zone getting to the venue 2 minutes before the show started. The problem absolutely nowhere to park. Out went Mr T with Heather and Matthew as I resigned myself to missing it. Round and round I drove getting more and more despairing as any space I found had five people waiting for it or was far too small to accommodate the ever so necessary 7 seater Chrysler! Eventually I abandoned hope and the car on a double yellow line following the example of many other people!

The kind people at the Cliffs Pavilion had heard about the chaos and delayed the start but by the time I fished Lucy out of the car and shaded her from the sun, hotfooted it to the theatre and visited the ladies, the result of too much soda at the party, I managed to locate the seats. As it was a kids show they let me in for which I was grateful! The show was brilliant and we are already eagerly awaiting the release of tickets for next year. The kids laughed, danced and sang their hearts out and even little Lucy had her eyes as wide as they could open and was immersed in the magic of the stage!

At the end of the show I knew what was going to happen. I got a ticket - I can't complain, was in the wrong so have paid promptly but next time I will definitely go by train. Still a Chinese takeaway, bottle of champagne and all the kids sleeping through provided some comfort!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

So touched

Today is my wedding anniversary, six years of wedded bliss. Who knew that when I held Mr T's hand on that cold millennium eve that it would lead to three kids and a life together.

How are we spending this auspicious day - I would like to say we are off for a romantic day, just the two of us but alas we are going to a 4 year old's birthday party followed by Lazy Town Live. At least the kids will be occupied. We are planning on a nice romantic chinese takeaway and bottle of fizz later though!

The thing that has made my day though is that Mr T has written me a poem, so romantic and thoughtful!
That has really made my day.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Injections Galore

Unfortunately not the kinds that you get before jetting off to somewhere exotic. No these were the MMR boosters and third lot of baby injections for my nearly 4 year old and my 4 month old. I had explained to Heather that we were going to see the nurse and that she would need to be brave as she would have a needle in her arm. She agreed but I think that reality didn't hit until the first injection was plunged into her arm.

To make things worse I had told her she would require two but instead, due to a catch up program she had to have three. She wasn't happy but perhaps the most amazing thing was that when it was all over she was offered a sweet and a sticker. The beam on her face grew wide and she was eager to choose her own sticker, by the time we got home the plaster had become a trophy to show the girl next door.
Lucy on the other hand has shown me what the phrase incandescent with rage really means, she didn't cry when she had her injections because she was hurt but because she was cross. Very cross. Furious in fact. When it was all done and I turned her to face me to give a comforting hug the bottom lip stuck out, and she then cried. Still no more injections for any of the kids for a year or so...

In a totally unrelated topic I was watching some of 'Big Brother' last night out of pure research purposes of course, having plugged in my wii fit this morning I started jogging and flicking through channels. I happened across the Big Brother repeat cleaned up for any pre-schoolers who might happen onto it as well. I managed to view the same portion of the program as I had the previous night and have to admit that the difference in editing really made the characters come across differently. It made me wonder if the same were true of editing of the written word. If two editors read the same piece and make different changes will the meaning change? If so what about the authors intent?

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Heather was excited, very excited, she was going to the cinema for the first time ever and being taken out for lunch. We managed to locate a Pizza Hut so that was great, the kids not only used their knives and forks but neglected to race around the restaurant like loons! I was amazed as they sat 'butter wouldn't melt' personified. After a tour around the car park we were off to the cinema, managed to pick up the pre-booked tickets successfully and sorted out the ice-cream orders, this was the only downer - it took loads of time to get them but it was worth the wait!

WALL.E was enchanting, my nearly 4 year old loved it and even my 2 year old sat still until about the last few minutes when the ants in his pants got the better for him. As for Lucy she made WALL.E type noises at the screen for about fifteen minutes and spent 20 minutes asleep and for the rest of the time she was attached via the mammary gland! Good job it was dark.

Having, honestly been dreading the visit to some extent lest I spend the time chasing various children or shushing them it was a revelation that they behaved very well. Maybe we'll go again... in six months time!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who am I?

It occurs to me that I haven't really given any details about my life so here is a quick list of my high and low points;
  • I have been anorexic
  • I have been bulimic and still have to approach foodie issues with caution
  • I was told I could never have children but I underwent private treatment to enable my ovaries to work properly- never give up!
  • I have nursed my mother after a back operation when I was 16
  • I have had 2 heartbreaking miscarriages
  • My biggest fear is something happening to my children or their daddy
  • I messed up my final exams in University due to a dodgy relationship
  • I have lived with a violent man
  • I had postnatal depression but am thankfully free of it now
  • I have lived in London
  • I have three lovely children
  • I gave birth to all my children without any pain relief other than my TENS machine
  • I am blessed with close friends
  • I am a qualified primary teacher
  • I have worked in libraries
  • I have worked in IKEA
  • I have worked in Debenhams
  • I attended a training day for Macdonalds
  • I love being a Mum even though it is the hardest job I have ever done and there are no guidelines or how to... books
  • I would love to have enough time to write my book and get it published
  • I have been trying to learn the piano for 4 years
  • I believe in fate as I met Mr T at his millennium party, I attended with a friend who invited me and ended up lost and alone in London with Mr T, the rest as they say is history!

As you can see my experiences are wide and varied, there are many more things I could bore you with but I'll leave that to another time. I believe that how you deal things help you move on and I hope that people can see that despite nasty things happening you can still succeed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Official Rejection

It had to happen sometime. I sent a story off to a well known female orientated fiction magazine and after 8 weeks of patient waiting said story dropped back through the door, in my self addressed envelope accompanied by a kind but firm rejection slip. Not all is lost - it invited future submissions so can't have been completely awful, I intend to clean it up and try placing it somewhere else. What's the saying - one man's rubbish is another man's treasure - or should that be woman's?

Kids have been able to get into the garden - bliss! Lucy has been sleeping through for a couple of nights and then just as we relax into it having a dodgy night! Ventured to the shops with all three alone today - and a small miracle happened - we all survived, and we got everything on the list and not too many things that weren't.

Heather has just begun her adventure into reading so managed to find her a couple of books in the next level to keep her busy, shame the library doesn't stock them!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Be Careful what you tell your kids...

'Mummy can't go swimming today because she's got a sore..'
Mr T tries to intervene 'That's enough Heather, let's go and get changed.'
With a stamp of her feet for effect 'But I'm trying to tell the lady that Mummy can't go swimming because...'
Nice Lady at the swimming pool 'Here you are Mummy, hope you enjoy watching today.'
Red faced I grab the membership card and march Heather and Matthew towards the changing room.

I have to come clean before you all think I have some horrible infectious disease that could wipe out half the population of Brentwood. Thanks to L sleeping for nine hours, and me still nursing, my breasts were on the tender and really, rather sore stage. An hour in a tight lycra swimming costume would not have been pleasant, nor could I face the cries of 'Mummy's milk is leaking' should the unmentionable happen! I had shared the fact that my breasts were a tad tender with my lovely daughter, in the hope that it would avoid a tantrum when she realised that we weren't all going swimming together, next time I will be more careful!

It starts...

'Matthew you can sleep me with you if you like'
'Come on' she says impatiently.

Following on from our weekend in Somerset with G and G, Heather has decided to invite her 2 year old brother into bed with her. They did share a room at G and G's house, but now Heather seems determined to take it one step further. She wants him to share her room - permanently, is she mad? Determined to prove her point she seized her earliest opportunity. This week a random children's furniture catalogue came through the door and Heather, ever optimistic, snapped it up and set to ticking all the things she wanted! In a quiet moment I had a quick flick though and found the ticks on every set of bunk beds in the way. 3 nights of them calling each other and waking each other up means that while I have enough rooms in the house there will be no sharing of rooms.

In other news L has slept through from 11pm for at least 8 hours for the last two nights, I almost remember what it feels like to feel human again!

I have also made a plan for my writing. It seems to have ground to a halt what with summer holidays, the demands of H,M and L, tennis and some nice weather (grab it while you can) to contend with! I am aiming as of now to write every day, already succeeded today, I've written this!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A wet weekend in Somerset

We spent a long weekend in Somerset to celebrate Grandpa's 60th birthday. His Mum and I had managed to cobble together a weekend to Brussles with tickets to the Belgian Grand Prix for him as Mr T turned 30 in april I had paid for him to go as well.

On the saturday we decided to visit the West Somerset Steam Railway, the stations are beautiful and the whole lot is maintained by volunteers. Matthew loved the trains and even though there wasn't a Thomas in sight he insisted that every train we passed in the sidings was a character from the show, the kids had great delight in spotting every cow, sheep or horse we passed. We arrived in Minehead at exactly the same time as a heavy shower, we managed to find a little cafe where we dined unhealthily, but tastily. As the rain was still going we couldn't really venture into town or along the beach as little Lucy would get soaked and the bigger two would moan about being cold and wet so back to the trains we went.

The birthday went by quickly, we had breakfast and then nipped to the supermarket to get some bits that in my hasty packing I had left behind. Cake and champagne were next on the menu and then a roast dinner in the evening rounded off by a healthy dollop of tennis, what more could a girl want?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

There goes another weekend

Why is that weekends are a blink and you miss it kind of affair whereas weekdays with their seemingly endless parade of appointments and chores seem to stretch endlessly into the future?

Anyway enough rambling, yesterday we had Heather's pre-birthday party for her school friends, luckily we went in with two other families who had planned badly and had children with August birthdays! We had the entertainer, the food, balloons and the cake and all the kids turned up. The entertainer was a blast and he mentioned how quiet he was in August, apparently us parent's all have the same idea and party before the holidays begin proper. One of the drawbacks of lovely fee paying schools is that people go away for a month at a time in the summer, well except us, we have a long weekend in Somerset and a uniform fitting to look forward to. I may even push the boat out and venutre to Legoland or the New Forest! Having a 3 month old does not make it so easy.

Having partied the kids were tired and ratty and despite Murray being on centre court I was tied up cooking tea and running baths. I love Wimbledon, with the tradition and the green being less offensive to the orange of the clay but alas I am watching less and less, next year, I promoise myself the kids will be bigger and I will watch it. I think back to the halcyon days, when still pregnant with H I settled into maternity leave with plenty of strawberries and tennis, starting at the reasonable time of 12pm meant I didn't even have to struggle out of bed early. But I digress.

Mr T venured to Bluewater today with Matthew, I had the job of being home with the girls, a useful day as we have noe made the thank you cards for the various teachers and finished the years homework. We now have Ls hands and feet forever immortalised in clay so they can now join the others on the wall. Good job we are stopping at three as it is looking rather crowded up there now!

As Sunday hurtles towards Monday I have to wrap the teachers' pressies, 8 weeks of little distraction begin on Friday, any ideas what to do with a four year old, two year old and 15 weeks gratefully received as I am sure the I'm Bored chorus will begin by 10am on Tuesday!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Earth please swallow me now!

That is what I was thinking at about 3pm yesterday as Matthew raced across the field in my daughter's school sports day. I had in a fit of bad judgement allowed him to escape the confines of his pushchair due to the screams getting louder and shriller. There was only a presentation to go, what harm could it do?

Very bad idea. He decided to race behind the headteacher and then realising perhaps he was out of reach and a bit lonely he came back. Pacified for all of ten seconds with what must have been the twentieth gingerbread man of the day he then wandered off to find his sister. Luckily he had a partner in crime but that did not lessen the cringe factor when I noticed that having located his sister he had run off again, she was chasing him, and she was being chased by her teacher. Having offloading Lucy, whom I was feeding to another mum I mustered as much height as I could manage to go and collect my wayward son, trying my hardest not to yank his arm off as I had to parade him back past all the immaculate yummy mummies, whose toddlers were in situ sitting angelically and not screaming, oh the shame. Despite the fees if he gets in to the school next year it will be a small miracle!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today has not started on a good note! Kids were all up by 630am not anything new there. Anyway as Lucy managed to gum her hands until she went back into the land of nod at 730 I decided to be all efficient and prepare the bolognaise for tonights dinner. The big two were safely ensconced giggling at Numberjacks so I thought I was safe.

The first problem was that despite defrosting for the recommended time the mince was in the main still frozen, still whacked it in the pan and off we go, got the le cruset and whacked in the other ingredients turning the mince and so on.

Matthew appears 'Mummy pooed' he shouts at the top of his voice, realising that this is not an in a minute moment I turn the heat down and attend to the nappy. Off I whizz to the outside bin to find Mr T has been interfering and the black bin for the nappies has disappeared, back in the house to find a new one, quick wash of the hand and disaster has struck. Mince is stuck to the bottom of the pan, still I manage to salvage enough to get by. I go to the fridge to get the last thing I need and find that once more Mr T has struck, the tomato puree has left the building, so tonight we shall be having tomato less bolognaise. I have managed 26 minutes on the wii fit, giving up to the constant chatter and barrage of requests for drinks and whatever else the big two can think of to interrupt my hula hooping, thank goodness for the boxing!

Now all that remains is to gear myself up for the parents evening later, try to fit in some cleaning and who knows I might even manage to fit in a few minutes of tennis watching later!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Well what a lovely afternoon, despite the stifling heat and standing room only I was able to view and video my lovely little girl in her mexican dance. It only lasted two minutes but it was a lovely two minutes despite the fact that the costume was nigh on impossible to gather and I spent more than two minutes worrying about it. She did look good though and the beam she gave G and Matthew when she spotted them in the audience was worth every second.

I was also most grateful for Grandma being there, she was given a preferential front row seat on account of being over 60 and wrestling with my two year old son. L was good, sitting gurgling away in the car seat giving her feet a good old examination! The ill effects of the injections from last week has finally worn off thanks to an explosion of the nappy kind, so after a weekend filled with screams of varying shrillness thanks to kids falling out with each other, kids falling over and kids having tantrums today has been a relatively tranquil one. I am still battling a bit with Post natal depression but tipping towards the positive, just parents evening and sports day left to tackle this week.

I am relieved to say that we have also now actually booked our holiday for next year so Mickey Mouse beware!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

On Saturday we packed into the car for a day with Thomas at Colne Valley Steam Railway. It was with some trepidation, truth be told. The weather forecast wasn't particularly good. it was L's first proper trip in the papoose and we knew that if at all possible prams were a no no as you had to cross over via a footbridge. In the end the sun was shining, it wasn't too hot just nice and L loved the papoose. She could see what was going on, allowing her to indulge in her favourite past time of being nosy whilst also being able to sleep as she was well supported.

Matthew loved it, as soon as we were parked we spotted Thomas steaming away up the track, luckily he was holding Daddy's hand as he spent the entire time walking to the main entrance imitating a crab and waving madly at Thomas. The day was very well organised and all the children were having a lovely time. We managed to ride on Daisy, wave at Mavis, Diesel and some various other characters and have lunch watching Thomas going up and down the track.

Heather loved it as well, I was weirdly reminded of the film Jurassic Park at one point, we were sat in Thomas waiting for him to steam past us so he could pull us back up the track, it was quiet and everyone was looking out of the window waiting for him to appear, trees all around and quiet, luckily it was Thomas who came past and not a hungry T-Rex as happens in the film at the same point.

The children were well behaved and not a blot on the landscape, we even managed to do a little shopping on the way home without too much trouble, probably dropping into the Cadbury Factory Outlet ensured a bit of co-operation.

Father's Day was the next special day and the kids co-operated not going upstairs until nearly 9am with their cards and gifts. sadly H had managed to tell Daddy she had made him a mug so it was less of a surprise but he didn't know about the chocolate football or little desk clock. A day pottering in and out of the garden finished it all off and now here we are at Monday again.

I am mega excited about one thing as well- we are going to Florida next year, I know nearer the time I will be panicking about the flights and what to take and so on but in the end it will be worth it to see the kids faces, roll on next July!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My new website

My blog is now also incorporated in my new site, there you can find blog which will be added to more frequently, links to some of my stories and links to other sites of interest to the writer.
Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Big 30

Mr T and I have both turned 30 in the space of 48 hours. So when I woke up on April 5th a whole year older and at the beginning of a new decade how did I feel? Well apart from being completely exhausted because Lucy decided she wanted to have a growth spurt I felt no different. There is no real drama and as far as I am concerned age is just a number not a definition of my life. Maybe I will feel differently as the numbers increase but I don't think that in modern times there is a defintion of what it means to be 30, 40 or 50. Perhaps I should try my Dad's trick for the first half of the decades he reverses the digits! So instead of being 54 he becomes 45!
I am pleased that Heather is back to school on Wednesday, the holidays have hardly dragged with two little 'uns and a baby to look after but as much as they have bonded I think we are ready to get out and about. Heather has had friends to play but has been reluctant to go out and socialise as she wants to take Lucy with her. I have been pleasantly surprised how careful and gentle both the kids have been with Lucy. whilst they have been fairly naughty in other ways they both seem to genuinely love their new little sister.

I have managed to complete my life writing assignment on time and registered for the advanced creative writing course in September as well! Just need to catch up with my philsophy work now and start doing some more fiction writing! Beginning to feel more normal now as well. Life with three kids is doable!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lucy has Arrived

Lucy has arrived as of the thirteenth March 2008 5.24 pm after quite a dramatic laboutr I was induced early due to obstetric cholestasis. The induction began at 930 and labour was established by 4. Having been monitored and the midwife asking if I needed to push she went off to check something on the trace. I decided to wander about to keep labour going and one rather strong contraction later I realised that I was indeed ready to push, having denied the invitation and allowed the midwife to leave the room just a few moments earlier! Mr T pressed the button and the midwife arrived just in time to catch her, literally! Luckily she was alright although I did make an idiot of myself bawling my eyes out and being upset because I had ruined my socks! Never mind, once the stitches were done and Lucy fed the magic moment for Heather happened - she met her sister. I was able to come home the next day thank goodness and now life with three kids seems "normal.

17 days post natal and life is beginning to settle down. The kids have accepted Land she is putting up with them becuase she has no choice. I managed to finally go for a walk with the kids today. Mr T came along as well which meant I didn’t have to fight with the double buggy. The weather for today was a lot warmer and brighter so that made a nice difference to the usual wind and rain that we have been having just recently.

The funniest moment today was Matthew falling down the toilet. Having put his seat on the toilet he managed to climb astride it. Sadly his success ended there as his left foot led him astray and in he went. He is also having lots of tantrums - at least six today but he is beginning to realise that they won’t do him any good as we have not given in to him.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Well whoever thought having babies was straightforward never had Obstetric cholestasis. As if the itching wasn't bad enough the constant blood tests and scans cost a fortune in car parking as well as sorting something out for the other two kids. Seeing the consultant just confuses everything more as he consistently refuses to set dates thinking I will have her by myself. Add in constant calls for any news and constant changes of arrangements and you have the perfect recipe for stress. Anyway all this means that I will not be posting regularly for the foreseeable but the end is in sight as hopefully our new baby will be here within the week.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Well Monday morning blues hit this morning as feeling all proud of myself for actually being on time Matthew managed to smash the soap dispenser in the bathroom, various bits of soap and china managed to spread themselves around. Five minutes later and we were in mad dash mode again, but at least the bathroom smells nice! Well lavender hand wash is nice in small quantities!

Half term is rapidly approaching and it seems like only yesterday that they went back to school! It also makes the arrival of number three much closer as it is only two calender months away and with her likely to be early it is more likely to be next month- eek!

Spent most of the weekend assembling various parts of necessary nursery equipment and my hospital bag is now packed, car seat is fitted and the other two's routine is fixed magnetically to the fridge! After Matthew's early appearance on a quiet Sunday morning, throwing all plans into confusion I am not taking any chances this time!

Funny how much trouble you need to go to for someone so small, however did they manage before microwaves, double buggies and formula milk?

Monday, January 28, 2008

LIfe is settled for now

Well things seems to have settled into a natural rhythm as we approach half term. Christmas only seems five minutes ago but already we are heralding in February and Easter hot on it's heels!

Now the birth of our third child seems a lot more real, until the New Year we were busily preparing for the festivities but now I have hit 30 weeks plus - having three children is a lot closer.

Still the sales were kind to our ever shrinking pockets and the car seat is ready and waiting, her room is decorated and the new name plaque just needs to be stuck to the door. Heather is not sure at all about what to think and anyone with more than one child will probably understand that other children whilst trying to share in the excitement of the new child are also struggling to find their own position in the family.

I am beginning to wonder how I will cope, the car seems a lot smaller now all the car seats are fitted and the house is definitely smaller! A big clear out of toys during the necessary (despite my husband's protestations to the contrary)preparation, has helped make way for some new things.

The itching I experienced with Matthew seems to have returned so I am hoping that when I visit the consultant in a few weeks time I might come away with a date for having the baby. Obstetric Colestasis is certainly no fun but at least I know what to expect now, just hope she doesn't do a Matthew and come early just to confuse all our carefully laid plans! Arriving in the Easter holidays would be most considerate of her, no more early morning rushes and a hubby with two weeks paternity leave would be more welcome than struggling with two kids who are bored and a Mum whose fastest pace is a waddle!

We have a growth scan in the half term as well, I am not sure what Heather will make of that but it will be odd to see a practically fully formed baby on the screen instead of a blurry blob seen at the beginning of the pregnancy. What if she's big? The other two have been small and wasy, well relatively speaking of course to squeeze out!

Whilst I am looking forward to having her I am glad this is my last pregnancy, I have to say the aches and pains will not be missed but having said that feeling her squirming about inside me is magical and I will miss that!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New 2008!

Well after a lovely busy but fun filled Christmas we are now in 2008! May it fill everyone with joy etc and may you be able to deal with all the curve balls it throws at you with some diplomb!
I am getting more nervous about the arrival of our third child somewhere between mid March and Mid-April. This is our last one and just hoping it all goes OK now! We have a 4D scan on Saturday so hopefully the other 2 will get to see something of their sister other than the blobs on the scans. Our daughter is starting to bond and after initially declaring she didn't want a sister she is now coming around to the idea- an ally in all things pink, fairies and so on now seems OK to her!

My writing is going well and have just sent in my second creative writing assignment. I passed my philosophy exam despite being hampered by a migraine and things seem to be bubbling along nicely. Bit worried it is all going that little bit too smoothly!