Monday, June 16, 2008

On Saturday we packed into the car for a day with Thomas at Colne Valley Steam Railway. It was with some trepidation, truth be told. The weather forecast wasn't particularly good. it was L's first proper trip in the papoose and we knew that if at all possible prams were a no no as you had to cross over via a footbridge. In the end the sun was shining, it wasn't too hot just nice and L loved the papoose. She could see what was going on, allowing her to indulge in her favourite past time of being nosy whilst also being able to sleep as she was well supported.

Matthew loved it, as soon as we were parked we spotted Thomas steaming away up the track, luckily he was holding Daddy's hand as he spent the entire time walking to the main entrance imitating a crab and waving madly at Thomas. The day was very well organised and all the children were having a lovely time. We managed to ride on Daisy, wave at Mavis, Diesel and some various other characters and have lunch watching Thomas going up and down the track.

Heather loved it as well, I was weirdly reminded of the film Jurassic Park at one point, we were sat in Thomas waiting for him to steam past us so he could pull us back up the track, it was quiet and everyone was looking out of the window waiting for him to appear, trees all around and quiet, luckily it was Thomas who came past and not a hungry T-Rex as happens in the film at the same point.

The children were well behaved and not a blot on the landscape, we even managed to do a little shopping on the way home without too much trouble, probably dropping into the Cadbury Factory Outlet ensured a bit of co-operation.

Father's Day was the next special day and the kids co-operated not going upstairs until nearly 9am with their cards and gifts. sadly H had managed to tell Daddy she had made him a mug so it was less of a surprise but he didn't know about the chocolate football or little desk clock. A day pottering in and out of the garden finished it all off and now here we are at Monday again.

I am mega excited about one thing as well- we are going to Florida next year, I know nearer the time I will be panicking about the flights and what to take and so on but in the end it will be worth it to see the kids faces, roll on next July!