Monday, November 17, 2008

Princess Mummy

I finally did it, I had a half a day without any of the children and how did myself and Mr T use this time? We went Christmas shopping for the kids of course. I have to admit though that we managed to buy a wonderful party dress for me with shoes and handbag and wrap for the Christmas dinner with the school Mums.

I am nervous about the party, not because of the company but the destination, the dinner is to be held at a local golf come country club place which looks rather posh. Under dress and you risk being a social pariah and over dress and you look like a show off with far too much money in times of hardship. I am worried about the latter. I found a wonderful dress which I thought I would never be able to squeeze into and after promising just to try it on I slipped into the changing area and it fitted like a glove and I didn't want to take it off.

I did of course and bought it and when I finally summoned the courage to try it on again at home, just in case it suddenly didn't fit I showed my daughter whose eyes went wide and I knew that the dress was good. Now all I have to do is learn how to walk in the heels that I bought with it without breaking my neck and hope that I am not over dressed and rather than enjoying Christmas dinner wanting to find the nearest hole to throw myself in.

IN other news, Heather has been given the all clear with her ears and hearing for now, we will have to see what the winter brings, Matthew seems to have realised that he is two and is meant to be terrible as he is certainly living up to the billing and little Lucy has figured out that rolling really can get you everywhere! I am still waiting on a date for the book to be published but shouldn't be too long now with any luck, watch this space!