Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My First Award

Thank you to Katherine for my award, her blog is well worth reading to so why not head over and have a look.

I've been tagged, pass it on...

Thank you to Mel ROxx who tagged me, here goes;
Here are the Rule’s

1. Mention the person who tagged you.
2. Complete the lists of 8s.
3. Tag 8 other bloggers & let them know.

8 things I’m looking forward to:

1. My evening bar of chocolate once the children are in bed,
2. My holiday in 17 days time,
3. My trip to Wimbledon on 3rd July
4. When Matthew finally starts sleeping through
5. Spending some quality time with the children over the summer
6. A very good friends weddding
7. Sunshine
8. Some time reading and writing

8 things I did yesterday:

1. watch the television
2. took Lucy to Tumble Tots
3. moan at the kids
4. cook dinner
5. wrote 1000 words on novel#2
6. murdered ants
7. read some of my current book
8. played with the children encouraging Lucy to practice walking

8 things I wish I could do:

1. know what the lottery numbers will be in advance (just once)
2. have more time to write
3. have more time to read
4. but a bigger house so there is enough room for us all
5. lose half a stone overnight
6. find time to do more exercise at the gym
7. have time to do my make-up and look after my skin
8. keep up with everything

8 favorite fruits

1. strawberries
2. bananas
3. melons
4. grapes
5. banana
6. raspberrry
7. kiwi
8. plum

8 Places I’d like to travel:

1. South Africa
2. New York
3. Monaco
4. Australia
5. Las VEgas
6. Edinburgh
7. Ireland
8. Rome

8 places I’ve lived in:

1. Cambridge
2. Basildon
3. Central London (Pimlico)
4. Isle of Dogs
5. Brentwood
Sorry didn't get to 8 not that exciting

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I promise that I will do my best

Monday, June 15, 2009

Puppy Love

We had a lovely weekend, the long awaited return of Mr T finally happened. Matthew was a little underwhelmed as he rushed into the living room and removed his shoes and then back out again without even noticing that Mr T was sitting there reading the paper. Heather on the other hand came rushing into the room, stopped in her tracks and just stared not too sure whether to laugh or cry. The shrieks of 'Daddy' began and a round of hugs followed.

We had a relaxed afternoon in the sunny garden, the air punctuated with shrieks of laughter as the kids spent their time on the swing. We also discovered that after just a week of being a bike owner Matthew has become an expert bike rider. He is not afraid to go slowly, he whizzes along legs going ten to the dozen, Mr T having to run to keep up. Heather on the other hand, very girly, very prim and proper riding at a sedate pace with me beside her pushing Lucy in the buggy.

Sunday was sunny again and so we had a BBQ, the children sat at their table outside covered in ketchup, in fact after we had finished I think there was more ketchup on them than was left in the bottle! Still we let them race about a bit to ensure they were fully tired out before they were dunked into the bath, to be honest we weren't that eager to deal with their ketchup, mud and other debris streaked clothes and faces.

Eventually we took the plunge, the bath was run and we were on the round up, Heather was captured and in, Lucy despite her protests was also ready to be plonked in, but Matthew was nowhere to be seen. I wondered if he had managed to disappear back into the garden but no, he wasn't upstairs or hiding behind a door or under his bedclothes. I admit I was beginning to panic, perhaps he had gone out of the front door, I checked and his bike was still in the garden, phew!

No shouting produced an answer and by now even Mr T was helping, I re-checked upstairs, was the back gate shut? Maybe he had hurt himself, fallen and unable to call out. Then I heard Mr T calling me from the kitchen so I rushed in, heart thumping. 'Look' said Mr T pointing and there in the lean-to was Matthew. The lean-to is the den for our two labs Milly and Tessa. Matthew loves the dogs and he is great with them, he likes helping to feed them and tries to boss them about. Unfortunately he also likes their food, and what was he doing in the lean-to, he was helping himself to the food in the bright pink bin that their food is stored in! He looked very pleased with himself and me, well I was just relieved he hadn't escaped the house.