Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is it really only 10:00?

So today is the first day proper of half term, bank holidays don't really count as the excitement of having Daddy at home usually helps. Of course, it is raining, a lot, and has been overnight as well, bang go the prospects of visiting the zoo/farm/park as three children in wet weather gear is, if I am honest far from appealing!

I should have realised when Matthew woke me at 215am that it was not going to be an auspicious start to the holiday! From the realisation that he had no nappy on and hadn't for the last seven hours to constant demands for drinks, sleep was the last thing I came to on the menu. When Mr T arose to prepare for his day at work the magic of TV kicked in temporarily.

I did managed to sneak in 10 pages of book reading but was then interrupted by Heather with her latest creation, Matthew in his attempts to beat her to the stairs had fallen down two of them and was howling like a wounded dog at the bottom, when he eventually appeared looking rather sorry for himself he explained he had hurt his tummy. Upon examination I was able to reassure him that there were no marks and his food would stay on the inside, of course to recover from his trauma he wanted a biscuit and a drink, he got the drink. Next task, get Lucy dressed, not always an easy task as she is in the wriggling stage, still today was good and in no time she was happily smearing cheerios and milk over herself and any surrounding objects as she attempted to feed herself.

Distantly I heard ABBA and realised Heather was already tuned into her ipod, she was wearing her current most treasured possessions, shoes with a small heel emblazoned with Ariel. She clip clops around the place sounding rather like the horses she loves so much but is gradually getting used to them, soon she will be more proficient than me. Feeling confident that the two bigger ones were occupied and that Lucy couldn't escape from her chair I turned to the paper to see what the latest scandals regarding MP's.

The screaming began almost instantaneously! One bout followed another for the next ten minutes until a distraction was provided by me deciding to hoover, this then resulted in a clamour for biscuits and drinks. I have since then constructed Matthew a train track from his huge Thomas set, refiled the books that Lucy has pulled off of Heathers bookshelves - twice. Really shouted at Matthew for pushing Lucy over, hitting Lucy and being generally obnoxious. All I can say is thank goodness the iron tablets are beginning to work and I am able to keep my eyes open for a whole day now, and that the weather forecast is for the weather to get better later in the week!

We did have a good weekend though, fairly relaxed. Heather and I went shopping and we had a really nice girly day,trying clothes on, looking for baking stuff and having lunch together, it is just a shame that her fashion sense seems to be better than mine! Lucy continues to resist most of our attempts to get her to walk, my writing is still at ground zero as the kids monoplise my time but as the old song goes, 'things can only get better!'