Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Injections Galore

Unfortunately not the kinds that you get before jetting off to somewhere exotic. No these were the MMR boosters and third lot of baby injections for my nearly 4 year old and my 4 month old. I had explained to Heather that we were going to see the nurse and that she would need to be brave as she would have a needle in her arm. She agreed but I think that reality didn't hit until the first injection was plunged into her arm.

To make things worse I had told her she would require two but instead, due to a catch up program she had to have three. She wasn't happy but perhaps the most amazing thing was that when it was all over she was offered a sweet and a sticker. The beam on her face grew wide and she was eager to choose her own sticker, by the time we got home the plaster had become a trophy to show the girl next door.
Lucy on the other hand has shown me what the phrase incandescent with rage really means, she didn't cry when she had her injections because she was hurt but because she was cross. Very cross. Furious in fact. When it was all done and I turned her to face me to give a comforting hug the bottom lip stuck out, and she then cried. Still no more injections for any of the kids for a year or so...

In a totally unrelated topic I was watching some of 'Big Brother' last night out of pure research purposes of course, having plugged in my wii fit this morning I started jogging and flicking through channels. I happened across the Big Brother repeat cleaned up for any pre-schoolers who might happen onto it as well. I managed to view the same portion of the program as I had the previous night and have to admit that the difference in editing really made the characters come across differently. It made me wonder if the same were true of editing of the written word. If two editors read the same piece and make different changes will the meaning change? If so what about the authors intent?

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Heather was excited, very excited, she was going to the cinema for the first time ever and being taken out for lunch. We managed to locate a Pizza Hut so that was great, the kids not only used their knives and forks but neglected to race around the restaurant like loons! I was amazed as they sat 'butter wouldn't melt' personified. After a tour around the car park we were off to the cinema, managed to pick up the pre-booked tickets successfully and sorted out the ice-cream orders, this was the only downer - it took loads of time to get them but it was worth the wait!

WALL.E was enchanting, my nearly 4 year old loved it and even my 2 year old sat still until about the last few minutes when the ants in his pants got the better for him. As for Lucy she made WALL.E type noises at the screen for about fifteen minutes and spent 20 minutes asleep and for the rest of the time she was attached via the mammary gland! Good job it was dark.

Having, honestly been dreading the visit to some extent lest I spend the time chasing various children or shushing them it was a revelation that they behaved very well. Maybe we'll go again... in six months time!