Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lucy has Arrived

Lucy has arrived as of the thirteenth March 2008 5.24 pm after quite a dramatic laboutr I was induced early due to obstetric cholestasis. The induction began at 930 and labour was established by 4. Having been monitored and the midwife asking if I needed to push she went off to check something on the trace. I decided to wander about to keep labour going and one rather strong contraction later I realised that I was indeed ready to push, having denied the invitation and allowed the midwife to leave the room just a few moments earlier! Mr T pressed the button and the midwife arrived just in time to catch her, literally! Luckily she was alright although I did make an idiot of myself bawling my eyes out and being upset because I had ruined my socks! Never mind, once the stitches were done and Lucy fed the magic moment for Heather happened - she met her sister. I was able to come home the next day thank goodness and now life with three kids seems "normal.

17 days post natal and life is beginning to settle down. The kids have accepted Land she is putting up with them becuase she has no choice. I managed to finally go for a walk with the kids today. Mr T came along as well which meant I didn’t have to fight with the double buggy. The weather for today was a lot warmer and brighter so that made a nice difference to the usual wind and rain that we have been having just recently.

The funniest moment today was Matthew falling down the toilet. Having put his seat on the toilet he managed to climb astride it. Sadly his success ended there as his left foot led him astray and in he went. He is also having lots of tantrums - at least six today but he is beginning to realise that they won’t do him any good as we have not given in to him.

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Leigh Russell said...

Congratulations on the new baby. You're right not to give in to tantrums. When my daughter had a tantrum I put her in her car seat, stood outside the car so she could see me and told her she could carry on, but I didn't want to listen to her screaming. She soon stopped having tantrums. There was no point when no one (apparently) took any notice . I think that was probably the one bit of parenting I got right!