Friday, June 27, 2008

Earth please swallow me now!

That is what I was thinking at about 3pm yesterday as Matthew raced across the field in my daughter's school sports day. I had in a fit of bad judgement allowed him to escape the confines of his pushchair due to the screams getting louder and shriller. There was only a presentation to go, what harm could it do?

Very bad idea. He decided to race behind the headteacher and then realising perhaps he was out of reach and a bit lonely he came back. Pacified for all of ten seconds with what must have been the twentieth gingerbread man of the day he then wandered off to find his sister. Luckily he had a partner in crime but that did not lessen the cringe factor when I noticed that having located his sister he had run off again, she was chasing him, and she was being chased by her teacher. Having offloading Lucy, whom I was feeding to another mum I mustered as much height as I could manage to go and collect my wayward son, trying my hardest not to yank his arm off as I had to parade him back past all the immaculate yummy mummies, whose toddlers were in situ sitting angelically and not screaming, oh the shame. Despite the fees if he gets in to the school next year it will be a small miracle!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today has not started on a good note! Kids were all up by 630am not anything new there. Anyway as Lucy managed to gum her hands until she went back into the land of nod at 730 I decided to be all efficient and prepare the bolognaise for tonights dinner. The big two were safely ensconced giggling at Numberjacks so I thought I was safe.

The first problem was that despite defrosting for the recommended time the mince was in the main still frozen, still whacked it in the pan and off we go, got the le cruset and whacked in the other ingredients turning the mince and so on.

Matthew appears 'Mummy pooed' he shouts at the top of his voice, realising that this is not an in a minute moment I turn the heat down and attend to the nappy. Off I whizz to the outside bin to find Mr T has been interfering and the black bin for the nappies has disappeared, back in the house to find a new one, quick wash of the hand and disaster has struck. Mince is stuck to the bottom of the pan, still I manage to salvage enough to get by. I go to the fridge to get the last thing I need and find that once more Mr T has struck, the tomato puree has left the building, so tonight we shall be having tomato less bolognaise. I have managed 26 minutes on the wii fit, giving up to the constant chatter and barrage of requests for drinks and whatever else the big two can think of to interrupt my hula hooping, thank goodness for the boxing!

Now all that remains is to gear myself up for the parents evening later, try to fit in some cleaning and who knows I might even manage to fit in a few minutes of tennis watching later!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Well what a lovely afternoon, despite the stifling heat and standing room only I was able to view and video my lovely little girl in her mexican dance. It only lasted two minutes but it was a lovely two minutes despite the fact that the costume was nigh on impossible to gather and I spent more than two minutes worrying about it. She did look good though and the beam she gave G and Matthew when she spotted them in the audience was worth every second.

I was also most grateful for Grandma being there, she was given a preferential front row seat on account of being over 60 and wrestling with my two year old son. L was good, sitting gurgling away in the car seat giving her feet a good old examination! The ill effects of the injections from last week has finally worn off thanks to an explosion of the nappy kind, so after a weekend filled with screams of varying shrillness thanks to kids falling out with each other, kids falling over and kids having tantrums today has been a relatively tranquil one. I am still battling a bit with Post natal depression but tipping towards the positive, just parents evening and sports day left to tackle this week.

I am relieved to say that we have also now actually booked our holiday for next year so Mickey Mouse beware!!