Monday, June 23, 2008

Well what a lovely afternoon, despite the stifling heat and standing room only I was able to view and video my lovely little girl in her mexican dance. It only lasted two minutes but it was a lovely two minutes despite the fact that the costume was nigh on impossible to gather and I spent more than two minutes worrying about it. She did look good though and the beam she gave G and Matthew when she spotted them in the audience was worth every second.

I was also most grateful for Grandma being there, she was given a preferential front row seat on account of being over 60 and wrestling with my two year old son. L was good, sitting gurgling away in the car seat giving her feet a good old examination! The ill effects of the injections from last week has finally worn off thanks to an explosion of the nappy kind, so after a weekend filled with screams of varying shrillness thanks to kids falling out with each other, kids falling over and kids having tantrums today has been a relatively tranquil one. I am still battling a bit with Post natal depression but tipping towards the positive, just parents evening and sports day left to tackle this week.

I am relieved to say that we have also now actually booked our holiday for next year so Mickey Mouse beware!!

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