Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Big 30

Mr T and I have both turned 30 in the space of 48 hours. So when I woke up on April 5th a whole year older and at the beginning of a new decade how did I feel? Well apart from being completely exhausted because Lucy decided she wanted to have a growth spurt I felt no different. There is no real drama and as far as I am concerned age is just a number not a definition of my life. Maybe I will feel differently as the numbers increase but I don't think that in modern times there is a defintion of what it means to be 30, 40 or 50. Perhaps I should try my Dad's trick for the first half of the decades he reverses the digits! So instead of being 54 he becomes 45!
I am pleased that Heather is back to school on Wednesday, the holidays have hardly dragged with two little 'uns and a baby to look after but as much as they have bonded I think we are ready to get out and about. Heather has had friends to play but has been reluctant to go out and socialise as she wants to take Lucy with her. I have been pleasantly surprised how careful and gentle both the kids have been with Lucy. whilst they have been fairly naughty in other ways they both seem to genuinely love their new little sister.

I have managed to complete my life writing assignment on time and registered for the advanced creative writing course in September as well! Just need to catch up with my philsophy work now and start doing some more fiction writing! Beginning to feel more normal now as well. Life with three kids is doable!

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