Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A little manipulation

Matthew seems to be feeling a little under the weather today, he came and cuddled up to me so I ruffled his head;
'I love you' I said to him, he smiled up at me
'I wuv you too... mummy' he said, he has to think carefully about his sentences bless him.
'You're great Matthew' I tell him
'You're great Mummy' he replies just copying my words and swapping the names.
'You're wuvley' he volunteers ( we are still working on L'. Beaming I reply
'Bibbit please, want bibbit' he says smiling and looking me straight in the eye. I wonder did he have his mind on the biscuit tin all along?

I had Lucy weighed earlier as she reaches the grand old age of 2o weeks tomorrow! I was disappointed as she has only put on 80z in 4 weeks and is slipping down the all important growth charts. I have been instructed to start her on solids even though she is 6 weeks too early for this according to the government advice. True my other two were weaned at 20 and 19 weeks so she has done well to reach this point without a morsel. So not long now before I hang up my maternity bra for good and break out low cut tops and slinky dresses which don't look good with breast pads!


Frog in the Field said...

I think the breast pad, slinky cleavage is very under-rated.
I suppose it is a little inconvenient when the pads move about and stick out a bit, but hey!
Your little one will be fine, there's too much enphasis on 'the norm'.

Mel said...

You are quite right she has taken to it like a duck to water bless her.
Still looking for the no breast pad, maternity bra burning moment!