Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So like many of us my garden is a blanket of snow and to be able to leave the house by way of the car I had to get digging! The children have been off school but after 20 minutes outside and one beheaded snowman they have refused to venture out again!
Mr T is away in San Francisco and has been since Saturday, he won't be back until next week so coping alone!
I have to say the snow is beautiful masking any eyesores and making everything even, the icing sugar look seems to do every building justice and yet as soon as we get the snow everything stops and we all wish it would go as quickly as it came.
Anyway I hope you have had more success in the snow than me. We built, rather I built (the neighbours children were out and so mine were naturally playing with them.)a snowman, we pushed in the carrot nose and we improvised the eye with lego pieces and dressed him in a hat and scarf. That was our first error, our second was siting him where the dogs could get to him as no sooner did they enter the garden then they grabbed the scarf and off came his head!
The children were not that upset, they found it quite funny to watch the antics of the dogs. So today I tried to persuade them we should build a new snowman in the fenced off area of the garden to avoid the dog problem and they refused! Bah humbug! Still back to school tomorrow!