Sunday, August 31, 2008


A few little incidents from the last few days...

Lucy is at the grab anything in sight stage. She was playing quite happily in her baby gym when big brother Matthew decides to muscle in. After practically covering her in toys I rescued her and soothed her. He came up beside me and bent over to give her a kiss. She grabbed his hair and he ended up in tears. Revenge is sweet, I wonder if he remembers doing the same thing to Heather.

It's bedtime and Lucy is already sleeping, Matthew is in bed until Heather starts screaming and he comes to investigate! The IKEA catalogue had dropped through the door and Heather just loves catalogues, ticking all the things that she wants. Anyway she is looking through that and Matthew busies himself emptying her pram of the assorted debris that it held.
'You little..' I say
'bugger' finishes Heather after a suitably dramatic pause.
'Sacked, unfit Mother' shouts Mr T.
Heather puckers up her face and cuddles me 'I don't want you to go she shouts.'
At least someone loves me!

Heather also seems to be obsessed with death at the moment as she decided to announce at dinner; 'I don't want anyone in this house to do because I love them all.' Well I know my cooking isn't that great but it was only heated up pizza!

Brestfeeding in this house is now nearing the end. Lucy has gone onto bottles at 24 weeks. I am planning to drop to one feed on Tuesday and throw away the maternity bras after next weekend. Then all the children will be fully independent of me in terms of food and drink! Weird, I will be able to go out untrussed, in a long top without clock watching!