Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New 2008!

Well after a lovely busy but fun filled Christmas we are now in 2008! May it fill everyone with joy etc and may you be able to deal with all the curve balls it throws at you with some diplomb!
I am getting more nervous about the arrival of our third child somewhere between mid March and Mid-April. This is our last one and just hoping it all goes OK now! We have a 4D scan on Saturday so hopefully the other 2 will get to see something of their sister other than the blobs on the scans. Our daughter is starting to bond and after initially declaring she didn't want a sister she is now coming around to the idea- an ally in all things pink, fairies and so on now seems OK to her!

My writing is going well and have just sent in my second creative writing assignment. I passed my philosophy exam despite being hampered by a migraine and things seem to be bubbling along nicely. Bit worried it is all going that little bit too smoothly!

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