Thursday, August 14, 2008


We had a wonderful day today, for the first time in about a week the skies were clear and the clouds fluffy, white and candy floss like rather than angry and leaden. So not letting the proverbial grass grow under our feet we met up with some of Heather's school friends in the local park. All the children had a lovely time.

When we came home, wanting to make the most of the weather the kids were out in the garden. Our neighbour's little girl, two weeks older than H duly appeared at the fence and they began their gossiping, catching up on what they had missed in the rain soaked days. Matthew decided to come back in and play with his trains.

'Mummy I am in O's house, look at me' came the cry from the garden. Thinking they were just playing I went out to investigate and lo and behold the child had escaped the confines of our garden and was trespassing next door. Luckily O's mother was gracious enough to allow H to stay and play for a little while! Together we investigate the modus operandi, it appeared that Heather had moved two of her small chairs and one of our larger ones to produce a makeshift ladder. O meanwhile, had shifted a garden chair of her own into position, allowing Heather to cross the divide without splattering herself all over the garden! As they had worked together to form an ingenious plan we allowed them thirty minutes together which ensued in an array of ear splitting shrieking. The next challenge was getting H back onto home turf, she resisted capture but was eventually planted back over the fence where she quickly proceeded having seen the chair ladder had been removed to shinny up a different part of the fence and tried to forward roll back over the fence. Mr T performed a fireman's lift and deposited her in front of the TV, thankfully the first time we have had to resort to such tactics. Was he trying to be funny though- his choice Happy Feet.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bit of a wash out

Yesterday was Heather's party. We were to start at 2pm and have a bouncy castle and ball pool and use her climbing frame, but alas, the British weather put a dampner on things, quite literally.

It started to rain at about 1pm and didn't stop until the middle of the night. Luckily we had a back-up plan having seen the forecast. The previous night I had stayed up until 2am downloading party dance music onto my ipod to ensure that should the worst happen we could do some dancing. We also rigged up the microphone so that the kids could sing, in the end we didn't need these distractions as the 16 children played with the toys in the bedrooms and jumped about.

We had an indoor picnic using the spare tablecloth I had bought (saved on the clearing up as well!). Lucy slept through most of it despite the racket we were making! The kids had a good time at least just a shame the weather couldn't have been kinder but at least we now have a tidy garden and I have reminded myself how to do the cha cha slide, birdie song, agadoo and superman.

Matthew enjoyed the party, he spend most of it eating, as quickly as I could dish out the sugar laden treats and pastry wrapped sausages he was gobbling them down, he did also partake from the fruit platter and seemed to polish off the cucumber and carrot batons single handedly. The horse theme went down a treat but I am glad there are no more kiddie birthdays until March now! (well of mine anyway)