Thursday, October 18, 2007

Half Term Blues?

So my little one is having her first half term! It started badly as I had a migraine and a philosophy exam to face. Luckily Mr T had the kids and the wonder of paracetamol kept the drumming at bay long enough for me to scratch out my answers about animal rights, religious toleration and the rationality of miracles - sounds like fun doesn't it?

Still Tuesday was better as my head decided to behave and I managed to catch up on all the things I should have done the previous day. Seems to be a theme, catching up on things! The distraction of Tumble Tots arrived and as our youngest was having his first ever nap in his big boy's bed, hubby who was still on holiday took her and I got some ME time!The giddy heights of 60 minutes alone was almost too much excitement! Out came the study books for a while until the lure of the Internet pulled me in again!

Midweek looms and off we go for a nice, calm Autumnal walk, well that was my idea not so calm as Heather careers off in front of me, on a collision path with just about anything in her way with her bear strapped into her pushchair, meanwhile M is trying to work out how he can get his hand out of mine and run off! Still we managed it and apparently the letters we posted might even get through this week!

Thursday and another walk is behind us, hubby should be back from his meeting in Milan this evening so bedtime might not be so fraught and I might get to practice on the piano at long last! Still only another week to go and the diary is filling up, a visit to my daughter's best friends, a class mate and one of my friends who had a baby last week as well as a visit from Grumps to look forward to, what more could a girl want, except maybe some peace and quiet.