Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where do eggs come from?

'Mummy we get milk from cows' Heather announces.
'Yes' I say pleased.
'Mummy, we get eggs from chicken, don't we?'
'Yes' I agree, that's right.
Pleased that she was on a roll she continues - 'They do a poo and the egg comes out and we eat it.'
Not wanting to have to explain the finer techniques of egg laying I agree with her.
'Mummy,' she says after a pause 'Why doesn't an egg come out when I do a poo?'
At this point I gave up! Answers on a postcard...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hurrah a dry night!

I had been despairing, Heather, now 4 was still in pull up-s and showing no sign of giving them up. I decided I had to get tough. We bought some delightful bed mats and informed her that no more nappies would be bought for her! We had discovered that the main danger point was first thing in the morning. She takes a few moments to wake up properly and this was resulting in a flood and lots of washing. We have however sorted it now, we pop her on the toilet just before we go to bed and although half asleep she goes and then when she wakes there is not the pressure so she can amble along in her sweet, dazed half asleep way. The smile on her face when she realised that she had achieved her goal was great, and now my little girl is really growing up.
Matthew however is resolutely refusing to contemplate the toiler or potty and thus nappies must remain on the shopping list. Lucy is piling on the weight and the weaning lark is going well, she has escalated to three meals already. She is however refusing to drink anything unless attached to me but I hold out hope that as her range of tastes expand so will her sense of adventure and willingness to come off the boob!