Monday, February 4, 2008

Well Monday morning blues hit this morning as feeling all proud of myself for actually being on time Matthew managed to smash the soap dispenser in the bathroom, various bits of soap and china managed to spread themselves around. Five minutes later and we were in mad dash mode again, but at least the bathroom smells nice! Well lavender hand wash is nice in small quantities!

Half term is rapidly approaching and it seems like only yesterday that they went back to school! It also makes the arrival of number three much closer as it is only two calender months away and with her likely to be early it is more likely to be next month- eek!

Spent most of the weekend assembling various parts of necessary nursery equipment and my hospital bag is now packed, car seat is fitted and the other two's routine is fixed magnetically to the fridge! After Matthew's early appearance on a quiet Sunday morning, throwing all plans into confusion I am not taking any chances this time!

Funny how much trouble you need to go to for someone so small, however did they manage before microwaves, double buggies and formula milk?