Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday Morning Horror Show

I am glad the end of the week is approaching as already this one has seemed rather long. Poor little Heather really didn't want to go to school on Monday, after what had happened on Friday she was embarrassed and worried that her friends wouldn't want to be near her and my reassurances were not helping.
After half an hour of crying and excuses, which were really rather inventive I finally managed to get her into the car. All the way there she kept repeating 'Please don't make me go to school.' If I am honest I really did consider turning the car around and taking her home, but I knew that if I did it would only create a dangerous precedent and make it harder to get her to go the next day, and so on.
Once there, late due to all the convincing I had had to do I had to take her in the front door as the gate was closed, again a shame as I had hoped that we would meet one of her class mates on the way in, she would see everything was the same as it was before her accident and then she would be OK.
Luckily the head took her down and talked to her and she settled. I remained hovering by the door, just in case Heather made a run for it at the last minute. When the head returned she called me into her office, I felt like I was going to be in trouble, I wonder if that feeling ever leaves. Just the way she said 'Mrs Trevelyan made me feel like I was a naughty school girl. In the end she just reassured me that Heather had gone into class fine and she would call me if there was a problem later in the day.
At 315 Heather came out beaming with an invitation to play at another child's house and so now peace and harmony has been restored into the morning routine. Thank goodness as I am not sure my nerves, or mascara can take many morning like that.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a week!

You know what it's like, life is bumbling along quite nicely, everyone seems settled and then Wham, all of a sudden lots of little things seem to come along and trip you up!

On Monday when I collected Maffy from pre-school I could tell he wasn't quite right, he was pale and didn't eat much lunch, a sure sign of impending doom. Tuesday all seemed well and off we went to Gymbabes with Lulu who spent most of the forty five minutes watching all the other babies crawling and climbing rather than doing any activity herself.

Wednesday became more problematic as Maffy developed spots, which I noticed at bath time and I immediately declared he must have Chicken pox, by Thursday morning we were all exhausted as Hpops had a nightmare and arrived in our bed at around 3 am and not to be outdone a hot and wriggly Maffy joined in at 4, by then sleep was definitely off of the agenda!

On Thursday Maffy was rather spotty but they weren't raised and no blisters, luckily one of the Mums at the school is a GP and although I hated doing it I managed to catch her in the car park and she had a look at Maffy, definitely a virus so at home we stayed. Friday came and the spots had all disappeared, just as mysteriously and as quickly as they had come!

Just as things were looking up on my return from Tumble Tots a rather vaguely described malfunction light pinged into life on the car dashboard. Having established that it wasn't flashing and the car was not in danger of immediately being damaged I continued home but am still none the wiser as the book says 'if the light persists after several cycles of your usual journey get car serviced...' Watch this space.

Lunch over and Lulu napping and Maffy playing with his hundreds of trains I made a cup of tea to make the most of some internet time but was foxed by the network being down, so the paper would do, then the phone rang...

Half an hour later and I had three children at home as Hpops had a rather disastrous accident and seemed to have caught the latest bug doing the rounds, the washing machine was taking care of the mess and Lazy Town was taking care of the now irritable children.

Still it couldn't get any worse. Half an hour later Hpops was bouncing about as usual and although she went to bed early showed no other symptoms of ill healthy, she managed dancing on Saturday. Maffy saved the week by successfully gaining a place at the same lovely school Hpops goes to which will cost me another arm but at least I still have the leg for when Lulu's turn arrives.

The final piece of the weekend was lovely as we went to get Hpop's first fitting for her bridesmaids dress which she loved being a complete girly girl. She was shown the dress and we tried to explain to her that the sash on the one she tried on would be replaced with a purple one.

'The colour is called Heather' Nicky (bride to be) explained.
Hpops nodded and smiled.
'Couldn't we just colour it in?' she asked and I wondered why we hadn't thought of that!