Friday, September 12, 2008

Reading workshop and a trip to New York

Today I had to attend the reading workshop at Heather's school. Despite being a qualified teacher I feel strangely out of my depth now my own child is attending school. I was a bit worried that I might be labelled an awkward parent having enquired about the seating arrangements and the fact that Heather was upset by being asked to read books without words! (Do they think I'm stupid mummy, I told them I could read real books!)

Luckily all went smoothly and we came home where we had left Mr T with Matthew and Lucy. A few minutes before 4 his blackberry goes and he disappears upstairs indicating a work call - do not disturb. He comes down.
'I might need to go to New York tonight' he says as if he is just going around the corner! To New York he has gone, or at the time of writing is going. Until Monday! We had to rearrange an airport pick up for his brother who flew in from Crete. Mr T was meant to be getting him and with three kids I was not venturing to the airport at 9pm! Luckily his work agreed to pick up the tab so he was picked up by a cabbie and driven home!

Still I have a birthday party to look forward tomorrow featuring cars driven by four year olds, god help us, and on Sunday Matthew has footie club, god help them! Still second weekend in a row on my own with the kids as Mr T swanned off to Belgium last weekend for his birthday visit to the grand prix, I am sure my reward will appear sometime!


Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

See now, I actually look forward to hubby going away every now and again. Sure it's hard work and I feel like tearing my hair at times, but I get to watch Desperate Housewives without being tutted at and I get to eat toast for tea if I want to!

Maureen said...

And he doesn't take you??? ;)

Actually, I agree with Tara, I enjoy some time apart. But then again, I only have one teenage daughter who is pretty self-sufficient now, not three little ones to handle by myself!