Monday, October 20, 2008


I cannot believe it has been so long since I was last here!
Things have moved on apace since I last blogged.
I have finished my first novel and am in the process of doing the red pen mark up. As a former teacher it is quite ironic that I am now scribbling comments on my own work reflecting improvements to be made, and the red lines through things rather then being discouraging are spurring me on as I want the book to be the best it can be. I am hoping it will be available towards the end of the year but as with all things that are good, they come to she who waits...and waits...and waits.

The kids have all been ill and grotty, timing it just right for Heather's half term. Still a week to go and now they are feeling better the weather is on the turn. Heather is coming on in leaps and bounds with her reading and writing and I am constantly amazed at the child's ability to learn. She made my heart melt the other day when after spending some time bent over a piece of her favourite pink paper she sidles up to me and gives me a card, She has folded it herself, drawn two flowers and two butterflies and written the word mum all by herself as well as her own name. Bless

I have also decided they have invented a new word 'gooby. It came about when Heather misheard me say gloopy, and now she seems to have passes it on to Matthew and so every night in the bath when we squirt the lovely lavender soap onto their hands they delight in rubbing them together and yelling 'look gooby' at the tops of their voices. I wonder what words you have invented?

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