Thursday, November 15, 2007

Well I am back after a couple of weeks surrounded by tissues and nappies thanks to my kids returning with various contagions! Still the cold weather will hopefully kill all the nasty bugs and although a little on the chilly side the crisp sunny mornings really help me to start the day.
I managed to get a great score on my first assignment with my creative writing course and was marked as practically publishable, I am planning to edit and extend the piece and stick it in a short story competition. I have now managed to motivate myself to write every day even if it is a stolen half an hour while the kids are watching Lazy Town, naughty mummy.

We have all now embarked on a healthy eating campaign and finding the home cooked meals so much easier and nicer, we'll see if that stays when number three arrives! Baby has become very active in the last couple of days so I think I am going to nickname this one kicker, H was Piglet and Matthew was flipper so this one can't go unnamed really, counting down to the scan on the 30th November now!