Thursday, November 15, 2007

Well I am back after a couple of weeks surrounded by tissues and nappies thanks to my kids returning with various contagions! Still the cold weather will hopefully kill all the nasty bugs and although a little on the chilly side the crisp sunny mornings really help me to start the day.
I managed to get a great score on my first assignment with my creative writing course and was marked as practically publishable, I am planning to edit and extend the piece and stick it in a short story competition. I have now managed to motivate myself to write every day even if it is a stolen half an hour while the kids are watching Lazy Town, naughty mummy.

We have all now embarked on a healthy eating campaign and finding the home cooked meals so much easier and nicer, we'll see if that stays when number three arrives! Baby has become very active in the last couple of days so I think I am going to nickname this one kicker, H was Piglet and Matthew was flipper so this one can't go unnamed really, counting down to the scan on the 30th November now!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bugs andthe dark

Phew thank goodness another weekend is approaching quickly, hopefully it will be better than the last one when the entire family managed to get a sickness bug one after the other! Still H was thankfully recovered enough to return to school on Monday and she was ever so excited, wonder how long it will be until the novelty wears off. Matthew has definitely missed her and learned to say bye bye as well!

Our main sticking point this week has been the dark, Tumble Tots have promoted Heather to a later class so when we come out it is getting dark, this apparently upsets Heather who takes offence to the Sun going to sleep! This was not helped by an apparently scary story at school which her teacher told me made her dissolve into tears despite having read the same story for years with no problems. I had to stay behind, how funny that even now, despite having been a teacher when her teacher said she needed a word I felt like I was in trouble! I wonder if we ever grow out of that feeling, maybe it's just me! I'll probably wet myself if I ever get called in to see the headmistress.

Heather completly refused all my efforts to encourage her to dress up as a witch as everything was too scary so trick or treaters left our house with no answer yesterday as I hate to think what her reaction would have been seeing assorted ghosts, monsters and witches on the doorstep, luckily we were only summoned once!

Still I am chuffed with the progress she is making at school now and Matthew, not to be left out is learning new things every day and despite the hard work it is great watching them grow.

In terms of my assignment I had to write a 750 piece of fiction from a prompt given and then write a commentary detailing what helped me from the matrials provided as well as doing a freewrite which involves writing down random thoughts from a prompt which can be a single word or phrase. All good fun, cut off day for submission is tomorrow so then just have to await the results!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Half Term Nearly Over

Well half term is nearly over and we have all survived! Visiting plenty of indoor soft play areas has worked although I still haven't plucked up the courage to visit the zoo, maybe at the weekend. I have also managed to complete my first assignment for my creative writing course so for the next 2 or 3 weeks I will be waiting anxiously for the marks to come back.

The major point of stress came not from the kids but an AWOL hubby who apparently slightly tipsy (charitable interpretation) managed to lose himself in Camden for 5 hours! This combined with an irritable 16mth old who thought sleep time had finished at 1am and a mouse, bird or as yet other unidentified pest creating merry hell in the loft did not lend itself to a good nights sleep.
One lovely thing that has happened recently is felt the baby move. Oh yes did I mention that despite the madness of family life I thought I would complicate matters and have another one. Guess bubs is already getting fed up with Mummy's stress! Still we have plans for tomorrow and then it is the weekend and then back to school!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Half Term Blues?

So my little one is having her first half term! It started badly as I had a migraine and a philosophy exam to face. Luckily Mr T had the kids and the wonder of paracetamol kept the drumming at bay long enough for me to scratch out my answers about animal rights, religious toleration and the rationality of miracles - sounds like fun doesn't it?

Still Tuesday was better as my head decided to behave and I managed to catch up on all the things I should have done the previous day. Seems to be a theme, catching up on things! The distraction of Tumble Tots arrived and as our youngest was having his first ever nap in his big boy's bed, hubby who was still on holiday took her and I got some ME time!The giddy heights of 60 minutes alone was almost too much excitement! Out came the study books for a while until the lure of the Internet pulled me in again!

Midweek looms and off we go for a nice, calm Autumnal walk, well that was my idea not so calm as Heather careers off in front of me, on a collision path with just about anything in her way with her bear strapped into her pushchair, meanwhile M is trying to work out how he can get his hand out of mine and run off! Still we managed it and apparently the letters we posted might even get through this week!

Thursday and another walk is behind us, hubby should be back from his meeting in Milan this evening so bedtime might not be so fraught and I might get to practice on the piano at long last! Still only another week to go and the diary is filling up, a visit to my daughter's best friends, a class mate and one of my friends who had a baby last week as well as a visit from Grumps to look forward to, what more could a girl want, except maybe some peace and quiet.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Trying to get the children out in the rain

Well today it has decided to throw it down typically starting the minute we set foot out of the door on the school run, more of a crawl lately though. After splashing our way through the puddles in the car park I managed to drop Hpops off at her school class room and steer my youngest back to the car.

I am studying for a second degree with the OU in philosophy and creative writing so had to check my messages and so on whilst dodging cups and other missiles that my 16month old had decided to throw in my direction.

The most fun part of the day so far trying to get out of the house for our Tumble Tots session- pouring with rain and a 3 year old who wants to jump in every puddle she can find and a 16mth who has decided it is time to go to sleep just before we go! Bundle their coats on and try to convince Hpops that she wants her hood on because it really is raining hard. Anyway after the 30 second dash to the car we are off through the floods of Billericay and then home again to be confronted with cries of ,"I need to watch the Lion King." Quite what would happen if this pleasure was denied I don't know but at least it will give me 10 minutes before she loses interest to do all the things I was supposed to do earlier.

By the way I love being a busy Mum but I am hoping that anyone who reads this blog will see that it is not just a job but a vocation and not an easy choice.