Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Injury time

I am sure Matthew is going for the record number of injuries in one day:
Grabbing a cup of tea and pouring over himself (Luckily it was mine and therefore cold otherwise it could have been nasty.)
Scaling Lucy's high chair and falling off,
Trying to sit in the crumb catcher of the high chair and falling through,
Playing with his fire engine and following it head first off the sofa,
Standing under the breakfast bar and attempting to jump despite the face that his head brushes the top.
Miraculously no major injuries and when he gets a kiss to the injured part he shouts 'all better' at the top of his voice.

Heather says 'Mummy look at this' and I know I have to brace myself.
I look at the foot thrust towards me and follow her finger to where it is pointing - her big toe with a small piece of loose skin attached. She is yanking to no avail.
'I think it's a bogey' she says 'It had to stay there forever because I ate it earlier and now it's on my foot forever.'
I just smile and wonder why she feels she needs to share such pieces of information with me.

Lucy is teething and it is not pretty, wailing for an hour takes us all by surprise being as she is usually such a happy baby, I hope the little pegs pop through soon.


Lena said...

kids are cute with all the things they share :)
One can never predict what can be of great importance for them.

PS: came via black box :)

Maureen said...

TMI for sure! Hope the little one is feeling better soon.