Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lucy Rules - OK!

Well the holidays have come to an end and the children are back at school. I will admit to enjoying a completely lazy day last Friday as the two big ones were at school and the little one was at nursery. I did the housework and was planning an essay but my TV was on, not a glimpse of Mickey Mouse, a strain of Hannah Montana or the cries of Muuummmmyyyy filled the house.

It has now however become apparent to me just how quickly Lucy is growing up. She has for a while been very good at making her feeling clear and she is quite capable of communicating what she wants, what she doesn't want and when she expects to get it. She has slowly begin to realise that throwing a tantrum is not going to get her anywhere, not that it stops her trying of course! She barks her orders ' I want ...' and expects to get it. The word no provokes a reaction varying from tears to screaming but her skills of negotiation need some work;

'Mummy I want to play Mums and Dads with Heather and Matthew'
'Sorry Lucy, they're at school.'
'Well let's go and get them.'
'We can't we have to wait until they're finished,'
'But I WANT them.'
'Well only a little while to go. Would you like me to play with you?'
'No, you're stupid!'
Oh well at least I tried!