Monday, September 21, 2009

OU Angst

It was with excitement and trepidation that I greeted the arrival of my new OU materials. As a bibliophile and seemingly perpetual student the arrival of new educational material in book form is similar to consuming a large amount of chocolate, without the calorie guilt! This October I am starting 2 new courses in the hope of finishing of the second degree and then moving onto an MA, as well as fitting in all the kids things and writing this will prove a challenge.

I flicked through the books, looked at the study calendars and read through the essay titles, something that I really should have left for a little while. One of the courses, Children's Literature looks fun and I also have interest in the course material as a parent and former teacher. The other is also a literature course, but a bit more weighty! I am also trying to decide whether to do my MA in creative writing, philosophy or literature. Decisions, decisions.

We have picked up the new car and after sort of convincing the children that the purple colour is a sort of blue Heather was delighted to find, that as promised the car did have aircraft style 'colouring in tables' in the back. This could prove to be a pain on the bottom as, just as we are ready to leave for school, on time Heather announces she needs to take a colouring book and pencils with her, the colouring book was easy to locate. Portable colouring in material was not so easy, of course we have plenty at home but those that haven't been eaten by the dog, spread across the floor or emptied into the drawer are in a huge plastic bag that is far too large to take in the car, I managed to siphon off a handful and promised to get some later on when I went to the supermarket. I failed however, trying to remember to purchase wellington boots obviously used all my mental capacities as I completely forgot to get any and am dreading pick up time, think we may have to walk to spend minimum time in the car until I can get my hands on some...

I discovered something new today, having procured welly boots I went with a friend to a coffee shop, she ordered a babychino for her 2 year old and asked if Lucy wanted one, we got one and I discovered that is an espresso sized cup of frothy milk with a dash of chocolate on top, Lucy loved having her own drink, which came with a spoon to avoid the less attractive milk splashes on your clothes and loved sitting at the table. We were able to chat and she was really well behaved, I can well recommend them.