Sunday, May 10, 2009

Disney Fever has hit Essex

Never mind Swine flu, bird flu or even mouse flu, Disney fever has hit our house. Eight weeks and counting until we depart to the kingdom of mouse and suddenly the house is filled with talk of princesses, fairies and aeroplanes. The catalyst for all of this seemed to be a guide book dropping though the letterbox. We have already, thanks to a tip off booked the princess lunch in the magic castle but failed to book the fireworks dinner party!

We have decided to book Lucy a seat of her own on the aeroplane, after much discussion we decided neither of us wanted the eight hour wrestling match when there would be two other children to contend with. Then we had to (gulp!) pay the balance of the holiday itself, so we are going now, nothing can stop us, I seem to have spent the equivalent of a day shopping for clothes for me and the children, making sure all the labels are cut off and that they are hidden away from them all. Swimming bags, sunglasses and sun hats have all been checked and thanks to a very good deal from Sainsburys stocks of sun protection are at an all time high.

We then had to decide how much baggage to take, bearing in mind we have to get it and three children though the journey without losing anything or anyone, Heather was insisting that she could fit her entire wardrobe into her beautiful Ariel suitcase, we have now convinced her to take it as hand luggage and agreed to buy a case for the kids. She wanted pink, she's getting black - it's cheaper!

Excitement was compounded when the doorbell rang and a courier delivered two passports, I breathed a sigh of relief that the slightly dodgy photos of Matthew and Lucy has passed the scrutiny of the moderators and that we didn't have to go through it all again. Heather had a panic as her new passport hasn't arrived although her old one has been returned and the fee has disappeared from our bank account so I am expecting it to turn up any day...

Heather has already delved into the book and declared that the first place we are visiting is Ariel's Grotto... I have a feeling that she thinks Mickey Mouse himself will be greeting us from the plane, how disappointed she will be when she is greeted by a surly customs officer and a luggage carousel, followed by a hike to the car rental place! Not to mention an hour in the car before we even get to the hotel, still come Sunday the magic will begin and the excitement will take over. My worst fear is that the reality after the build up Heather has given it will be a let down!

Heather has been talking to friends who have been and so seems to know more than we do, having been once BC (Before children) I can imagine this visit to Florida will be more sedate, involve less bars and roller-coasters and more playgrounds, theatre shows and character chasing autograph book in hand. Still the countdown starts now...