Friday, February 27, 2009

Eye Eye

Last Friday Matthew poked me in the eye! Simple fact, he was having a tantrum near a busy road, I picked him up and then a fire engine wit hall sirens blaring raced past and in his excitement to show him his finger inserted itself into my eye. For a few moments I thought that I would be able to blink my way through it. Then I felt pain around my eye and knew that this wasn't going to be a case of a little bit of mascara running down my face. Luckily we were walking back with another family who helped me to manoeuvre the children. Just as we parted company my friend said;
'come on then, let's have a look.' And as I moved my hand away from my eye where it had been clamped as I stumbled along the pavement she said 'Oh my God!'
'What?' I said 'Has my make-up run.'
I fished around in my handbag and found my mirror and looked and shared her 'Oh my God' moment.
My eye was trying to close and swollen, once home and make-up removed I realised that my eye was spasming, it didn't want to open and in sympathy for its colleague my other eye was trying to close as well. I spent Friday evening feeling my way around the house that had seemed so familiar until I couldn't see, somehow pasta was served for dinner but by 630 scared and in pain I called Mr T home from work. By then it felt like there was a piece of glass wedged right in the middle of my eye and it refused to open. The night was an uncomfortable one.
Saturday morning was painfully bright and sunny and after a call to the out of hours doctor I found myself in accident and emergency. After three hours, painful eye drops and some orange dye later I discovered that my delightful little boy had scratched the cornea of my eye, luckily no patch was required although it would have been fun to pretend to be a pirate I guess! It took a few days before I could drive, read and so on and even now a week later I struggle at times and can honestly say I have never been so scared. I always think that if I escape a visit to the hospital over the holidays I have done well, sadly this time I have failed.
A busy week approaches as Heather has book week at school, lots of dressing up required. Still hoping for a better weekend as I start the preparations for Lucy's first birthday.