Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for best friends

How many have you got/ had? What makes someone your best friend? I am studying psychology with the ou and this was one of the areas covered in the unit. It seems when we are kids all we expect from out friends is for them to play a few games and share some sweets with us. When we hit our teens it gets more complicated. We want someone to listen to us, share and keep our secrets and we begin to socialise. Then as we become adults we may see each other less often, work interferes, we meet peole, some have kids and there seems to be less time. Despite that the gedtvdriends are the ones that are always there. You may not have seen each other for weeks hut you know each other well enough to be snot to talk and share. Your best friends are the ones who when something goes wrong can drop everything and come running. You'll know rhi they see, they never seek thanks, don't try and score points they're just there got you and you for them whenever, whatever,

Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for Ambition

At the moment there is a project that several hundred in the bogging community have signed up for, the challenge is to write 26 blog posts in April, Monday - Saturday each the subject matter starting with the next letter in the alphabet.

So A is for ambition, it struck me that one can have several of these all at the same time. You may have short term ambitions such as to complete a particular set of tasks in one day, medium term ambitions such as to move house, get a new job or long term ambitions such as finishing that pesky second novel that I promised myself I would finish last year!

When you ask children they often don't know much about it, if you ask them what they want to be when they are older they can answer that but they are not always sure how they are going to get there, that comes later. There are a few however who cotton on at the very beginning of school and are determined to do one particular thing and follow it all the way through.

By the time I was eleven I knew I wanted to be a teacher and an author, I wasn't sure how I was going to achieve them both and now I think I can pretty much tick them both of the list, I taught for four years and then tutored for one and then another year of teaching. I have written a book and it has been published, it wasn't a five star book deal and I still feel as if I am at the beginning of that particular journey but a book is a book!

I often wonder where the kids will end up, I haven't got any fixed ideas about it, last year Matthew insisted he wanted to be a dustbin man, this year he seems to want to be a fireman or a postman. Heather wants to be a pop star and Lucy wants to be a fairy or a princess! I am hoping that they will settle on something and that will give them the motivation to see it through, but I guess my ambition for them is to be happy!