Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who am I?

It occurs to me that I haven't really given any details about my life so here is a quick list of my high and low points;
  • I have been anorexic
  • I have been bulimic and still have to approach foodie issues with caution
  • I was told I could never have children but I underwent private treatment to enable my ovaries to work properly- never give up!
  • I have nursed my mother after a back operation when I was 16
  • I have had 2 heartbreaking miscarriages
  • My biggest fear is something happening to my children or their daddy
  • I messed up my final exams in University due to a dodgy relationship
  • I have lived with a violent man
  • I had postnatal depression but am thankfully free of it now
  • I have lived in London
  • I have three lovely children
  • I gave birth to all my children without any pain relief other than my TENS machine
  • I am blessed with close friends
  • I am a qualified primary teacher
  • I have worked in libraries
  • I have worked in IKEA
  • I have worked in Debenhams
  • I attended a training day for Macdonalds
  • I love being a Mum even though it is the hardest job I have ever done and there are no guidelines or how to... books
  • I would love to have enough time to write my book and get it published
  • I have been trying to learn the piano for 4 years
  • I believe in fate as I met Mr T at his millennium party, I attended with a friend who invited me and ended up lost and alone in London with Mr T, the rest as they say is history!

As you can see my experiences are wide and varied, there are many more things I could bore you with but I'll leave that to another time. I believe that how you deal things help you move on and I hope that people can see that despite nasty things happening you can still succeed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Official Rejection

It had to happen sometime. I sent a story off to a well known female orientated fiction magazine and after 8 weeks of patient waiting said story dropped back through the door, in my self addressed envelope accompanied by a kind but firm rejection slip. Not all is lost - it invited future submissions so can't have been completely awful, I intend to clean it up and try placing it somewhere else. What's the saying - one man's rubbish is another man's treasure - or should that be woman's?

Kids have been able to get into the garden - bliss! Lucy has been sleeping through for a couple of nights and then just as we relax into it having a dodgy night! Ventured to the shops with all three alone today - and a small miracle happened - we all survived, and we got everything on the list and not too many things that weren't.

Heather has just begun her adventure into reading so managed to find her a couple of books in the next level to keep her busy, shame the library doesn't stock them!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Be Careful what you tell your kids...

'Mummy can't go swimming today because she's got a sore..'
Mr T tries to intervene 'That's enough Heather, let's go and get changed.'
With a stamp of her feet for effect 'But I'm trying to tell the lady that Mummy can't go swimming because...'
Nice Lady at the swimming pool 'Here you are Mummy, hope you enjoy watching today.'
Red faced I grab the membership card and march Heather and Matthew towards the changing room.

I have to come clean before you all think I have some horrible infectious disease that could wipe out half the population of Brentwood. Thanks to L sleeping for nine hours, and me still nursing, my breasts were on the tender and really, rather sore stage. An hour in a tight lycra swimming costume would not have been pleasant, nor could I face the cries of 'Mummy's milk is leaking' should the unmentionable happen! I had shared the fact that my breasts were a tad tender with my lovely daughter, in the hope that it would avoid a tantrum when she realised that we weren't all going swimming together, next time I will be more careful!

It starts...

'Matthew you can sleep me with you if you like'
'Come on' she says impatiently.

Following on from our weekend in Somerset with G and G, Heather has decided to invite her 2 year old brother into bed with her. They did share a room at G and G's house, but now Heather seems determined to take it one step further. She wants him to share her room - permanently, is she mad? Determined to prove her point she seized her earliest opportunity. This week a random children's furniture catalogue came through the door and Heather, ever optimistic, snapped it up and set to ticking all the things she wanted! In a quiet moment I had a quick flick though and found the ticks on every set of bunk beds in the way. 3 nights of them calling each other and waking each other up means that while I have enough rooms in the house there will be no sharing of rooms.

In other news L has slept through from 11pm for at least 8 hours for the last two nights, I almost remember what it feels like to feel human again!

I have also made a plan for my writing. It seems to have ground to a halt what with summer holidays, the demands of H,M and L, tennis and some nice weather (grab it while you can) to contend with! I am aiming as of now to write every day, already succeeded today, I've written this!