Monday, September 14, 2009

Vroom Vroom

This weekend in between dancing, birthday parties and tidying up was spent test driving cars. A celebration now seems to be in order as gone (very soon) will be the large seven seater and in its place a much more practical, easier to park five seater. As we are no longer bombing up the country visiting relatives and one of the seats in the larger car is constantly in the floor I cannot claim to be using the space the car offers. The kids can still have a friend if one of them sits in the front (gasp!)

Heather was impressed with the car we looked at, mainly because it was blue, (don't tell her but I think we may be getting a different colour!) and because in the back seats there are trays you can pull down to out a drink on and have a book on to colour in with! She decided instantly that she liked the sales man and while on test drive was challenging the hapless man to spell all the names of everyone she could think of, even ones she didn't know herself, (is that right Mummy?) When we had decided to go for the car he produced some colouring sheets for the children to keep them out of the way temporarily.

Heather triumphed at school this week, I was worried about the transition from reception to Year 1, especially when she came home with a letter detailing all the homework she would be receiving. She has been telling me bits and bobs about the days she is having, as well as the incentives for doing well. Table points seem to happen every day for those that tidy up and finish on time, Heather's table the sharks is apparently maximising their points. There is also the coveted star of the day. Each day a child is chosen who has done something of note and they get to wear a badge, have a certificate and sit in a special seat. On Friday it was Heather's turn, as I picked her up I could see something on her dress and thought to myself, what has she spilled now? When she saw me she beamed, her smile was bright enough to light Blackpool Tower. She had a certificate and a badge which she would have taken to bed if we'd let her, I only hope she gives it back to the next recipient today...

Matthew has also settled in well, he was very disappointed on Saturday when he realised he wasn't going to go to school, made even more distressing on Sunday when he also didn't go to school! Today he had his first school photograph taken and one with Heather, I can't wait to see the results, I only hope he didn't pull the face he showed me.