Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where was I...

Heather and I were discussing playing with friends as she had, had a friend over after school today.
'Did you have friends at school Mummy?'
'And did you play with them?
'At their houses?'
'Yes Sometimes'
'Well did Daddy look after me then?'
'No I didn't know Daddy then, and you weren't here.'
'Where was I then?'
She thinks for a bit...
'was I in your tummy?
'NO, you just didn't exist yet?'
Was I a dog then?'
At that point I gave up! But apparently she was a dog who lived with the fairies even though they don't normally keep dogs, her was special, of course - oh and she was a pink dog with curly hair, just in case you're wondering.


Leigh Russell said...

I love reading your exchanges with your daughter. One day you (and she) will have such fun rereading them. They are so entertaining, and bring back so many memories. I wish I'd kept a record of conversations with my children when they were growing up - long before blogs had been invented.

Tara said...

I love the things they make up because they just can't get their head around not ever existing.
There is a photo in our house of hubby and I at Disneyland Paris and I was 3 months pregnant with my son, and for ages he told everyone that he was "magiced" into my tummy by the Disney wizards!