Thursday, September 25, 2008

Harvest Vegetable

It has been a busy week. I passed a delightful breakfast morning on Tuesday and then on Wednesday Heather had a friend to play and we made Rice Crispie cakes, with raisins to add some nutritional value. Today was special as well it was the schools annual harvest festival and the children were encouraged to take food items into school which were to be donated to a local homeless shelter for the young.
I had remembered to buy some items for Heather to donate on Wednesday and stowed them on top of the fridge, being lovely food items I was worried they wouldn't survive until today had they been accessible, so of course when we arrived at school today the donation was still on top of the fridge.

I felt very guilty, it is the first, but alas, I doubt the last, time I had forgotten an essential item. I rushed to pre-school and deposited Matthew and then dashed home. Lucy had with luck decided it was time for a nap so we returned to Heather's school, donation in hand and handed it over to the secretary, she smiled as soon as she saw me with my carrier bag and I knew that she had probably been inundated with lots of Mums dropping off their forgotten goods.

When I picked Heather up I asked her if she had given the food in during assembly and she assured me that she had.

'A man came and took them though' she said 'for poorer people. He said we were all very nice giving them such nice things to eat.'

'That's good' I say pleased she has understood the general idea.

'It's a special time' she continues 'harvest vegetable.' Priceless!

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