Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Official Rejection

It had to happen sometime. I sent a story off to a well known female orientated fiction magazine and after 8 weeks of patient waiting said story dropped back through the door, in my self addressed envelope accompanied by a kind but firm rejection slip. Not all is lost - it invited future submissions so can't have been completely awful, I intend to clean it up and try placing it somewhere else. What's the saying - one man's rubbish is another man's treasure - or should that be woman's?

Kids have been able to get into the garden - bliss! Lucy has been sleeping through for a couple of nights and then just as we relax into it having a dodgy night! Ventured to the shops with all three alone today - and a small miracle happened - we all survived, and we got everything on the list and not too many things that weren't.

Heather has just begun her adventure into reading so managed to find her a couple of books in the next level to keep her busy, shame the library doesn't stock them!

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