Sunday, July 13, 2008

It starts...

'Matthew you can sleep me with you if you like'
'Come on' she says impatiently.

Following on from our weekend in Somerset with G and G, Heather has decided to invite her 2 year old brother into bed with her. They did share a room at G and G's house, but now Heather seems determined to take it one step further. She wants him to share her room - permanently, is she mad? Determined to prove her point she seized her earliest opportunity. This week a random children's furniture catalogue came through the door and Heather, ever optimistic, snapped it up and set to ticking all the things she wanted! In a quiet moment I had a quick flick though and found the ticks on every set of bunk beds in the way. 3 nights of them calling each other and waking each other up means that while I have enough rooms in the house there will be no sharing of rooms.

In other news L has slept through from 11pm for at least 8 hours for the last two nights, I almost remember what it feels like to feel human again!

I have also made a plan for my writing. It seems to have ground to a halt what with summer holidays, the demands of H,M and L, tennis and some nice weather (grab it while you can) to contend with! I am aiming as of now to write every day, already succeeded today, I've written this!

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