Sunday, June 29, 2008

There goes another weekend

Why is that weekends are a blink and you miss it kind of affair whereas weekdays with their seemingly endless parade of appointments and chores seem to stretch endlessly into the future?

Anyway enough rambling, yesterday we had Heather's pre-birthday party for her school friends, luckily we went in with two other families who had planned badly and had children with August birthdays! We had the entertainer, the food, balloons and the cake and all the kids turned up. The entertainer was a blast and he mentioned how quiet he was in August, apparently us parent's all have the same idea and party before the holidays begin proper. One of the drawbacks of lovely fee paying schools is that people go away for a month at a time in the summer, well except us, we have a long weekend in Somerset and a uniform fitting to look forward to. I may even push the boat out and venutre to Legoland or the New Forest! Having a 3 month old does not make it so easy.

Having partied the kids were tired and ratty and despite Murray being on centre court I was tied up cooking tea and running baths. I love Wimbledon, with the tradition and the green being less offensive to the orange of the clay but alas I am watching less and less, next year, I promoise myself the kids will be bigger and I will watch it. I think back to the halcyon days, when still pregnant with H I settled into maternity leave with plenty of strawberries and tennis, starting at the reasonable time of 12pm meant I didn't even have to struggle out of bed early. But I digress.

Mr T venured to Bluewater today with Matthew, I had the job of being home with the girls, a useful day as we have noe made the thank you cards for the various teachers and finished the years homework. We now have Ls hands and feet forever immortalised in clay so they can now join the others on the wall. Good job we are stopping at three as it is looking rather crowded up there now!

As Sunday hurtles towards Monday I have to wrap the teachers' pressies, 8 weeks of little distraction begin on Friday, any ideas what to do with a four year old, two year old and 15 weeks gratefully received as I am sure the I'm Bored chorus will begin by 10am on Tuesday!