Thursday, September 18, 2008

Heather 1, Mummy O

'He's pushing me' Heather whines as she and Matthew push one another in the race to get through the front door.
I retrieve Lucy from the car while Heather and Matthew continue to shove one another in an effort to be first.
'Ouch' cries Heather, she is giving as good as she gets. Due to all the pushing one or the other's head is in the way so I can't actually open the door.
'Mummy go in' says Matthew giving Heather a forceful shove which she duly returns.
'I'm pushing Matthew because he's pushing me' she explains helpfully.
Finally managing to get the key in the door I being to open it until one of them lands against the door shutting it again.
'Look you two, we don't push, what are you animals?'
Quick as a wink Heather replies 'Yes Mummy we're cheeky monkeys.'
Laughing too hard to remonstrate further I get the door open and Matthew elbows his way in first, not very gentleman like, but for him a small victory.


Maureen said...

Cheeky Monkey indeed!


Kaycie said...

I found your blog using the black box on my blog buddy's (wakeupandsmellthecoffee) sidebar. This post made me grin. My kids are no longer so small, but they still shove and fuss and tell me they're picking on one another because someone else started it! I'm sure it will depress you to know that at 17, 15, and 10, yours will still do this, too. :)

Do children in the UK really say "cheeky monkey"? Here, the only person I've heard use that phrase is Craig Ferguson!