Saturday, April 23, 2011

S is for SUnshine

Sunshine is bathing the garden and play stuff at the front of the house, a heat haze shimmers across the road and bees are buzzing in between colourful flowers that are already in bloom. Not only that but there are bank holidays aplenty to enjoy.

Yesterday we went to a local farm park whilst Heather had a day at the stables. The kids had great fun leaping about on the bouncy pillow and looking at a whole variety of animals, even decorating a biscuit in the shade. Lucy managed to turn herself into an ice cream as she worse as much as she ate but we all had great fun. Our attention turns this weekend to Easter egg hunts, preparing the driveway for the street party next week and unfortunately study. I have tried working outside but there are just too many distractions.

Still if previous years are anything to go by the sunshine won't last for long, if it is nice now if probably won't be in the summer, after all the year Lucy was born it was still snowing at this time of year!

My intention is to enjoy it while it lasts, paddling pool here we come!

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