Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for Questions Questions

If you have ever been around for kids for a reasonable amount of time you have probably encountered their innate talent for asking embarrassing questions at inappropriate times!
'Mummy is this swearing?'
'Mummy why does that person smell funny?'
Mummy, why is that person buying so many cakes when they already have a big tummy?'
and perhaps worst of all; 'Mummy does that lady have a baby in their tummy?' when they haven't.

There are plenty of other examples but they always seem to ask them when the room is quiet in their loudest possible voice!

Sometimes though one question simply leads to another, take the swearing one, having stuck her middle finger up and having had it confirmed that it was indeed swearing Heather wanted to know why people swore if it was such a bad thing.
'Why can't they just say bother?' hmm, answers on a postcode for that one and the perennial favourite;
'If I was in your tummy how did I get out?'

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diney said...

My 11 year old tells me off for saying 'bloody' by saying 'you sweared' in s disgusted tone with much rolling of eyes. Kids do come out with such little gems don't they. I've written lots down in s nice book snd we (my daughter & I) spend msny hsppy times having s laugh sbout her outrageous remsrks.
Who csn snswer the one 'how did I get out' though, without msking it sound scary! Never mind how they got in!