Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for priorities

It's funny how things change. Once upon a time my main priority was rising with the larks and whizzing off to school to prepare for the day filled with 30 11 year old's. Nowadays my main priority is trying to get enough sleep to get through the day.

Priorities seem to change throughout the day, for instance today I had planned to drop the two big kids off at school, let Lucy play in the garden and study outside, instead I ended up nipping to the local shops to run a few errands, spent half an hour in the library and another half an hour with Lucy in the coffee shop which she thinks is the the height of sophistication!

Now the school run is approaching and I am trying to think of ways to avoid the kids homework and enjoy the sunshine instead! I wonder why everything seems to squeeze together as the day seems to stretch forwards in the morning but as soon as we start doing something time slips away quickly!

At the moment my priorities remain with the kids and while I do try and plan ahead and ensure that deadlines and commitments are met, on days like this I try to seize the opportunity to get out and enjoy life, if there is one thing I have learned over the last twelve months it is to enjoy as much as you can when you can!

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Karen Peterson said...

It really is interesting how our priorities change so much over time. I love looking back and how things have changed, especially when those priority shifts have been for the better.