Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Unique

It's funny that when we go to school or work in certain places we all wear the same uniform. Despite that we are all unique. Each of us has our own hopes and dreams, things we want to achieve and likes and dislikes. When I used to teach I would be presented with thirty new faces, a name attached to them and possibly some information from a previous teacher or school. One of the first things I always did with them was to get them to do a little factfile, what they liked and didn't like.

When we meet new people we try to find something that we have in common, for me frequently now it is children that we have children, but even this is a unique experience, Each child is unique, even between my three there are huge differences between them. They approach things in their own way and they confidence levels vary greatly.

Lucy for example, despite being the youngest has learnt more things ahead of time because she has the benefit of two older siblings, Matthew projects great confidence but isn't always as confident as he seems. Heather has to do everything first, new schools, trips, and clubs and so on. She has grown in confidence as she has gotten older but even so she still needs a lot more reassurance.

That is why I have tried to instill in my children that treating everyone the same doesn't work, always be polite and treat everyone with respect but I encourage the children to get to know people, find out what makes them tick and to treat everyone as an individual, because after all we are all unique.


Jeffrey Beesler said...

Good philosophy to live by. It takes great courage and confidence to get to know someone outside of the norm. This is why I'm glad I signed up for the A-Z Challenge, from which it is a pleasure to meet you!

nutschell said...

a good reminder to break the mold and see everyone for the unique person they are.:)
Great meeting you through the A-Z@!


Mel said...

Good to meet you both as well.