Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for Wedding

Did you know, there is a very small wedding happening on Friday? You may have heard about it from the news, papers or radio, simply walking anywhere, as you can't fail to notice the union jack bunting and decorations everywhere. There are some who are complaining about the coverage and saying it is too over the top, but I prefer to embrace it. How often do we get lots of people united for a good reason, we have the Olympics next year but I doubt there will be many Olympic street parties.

I am lucky enough to be able to attend one, in fact I was lucky enough to have three separate occasions to go to but alas, one of me and a closed road with three kids mean we will be spending the majority of the time at our home street party rather than gallivanting across Essex visiting others.

I have the bunting prepared, and in this day and age I have also prepared the warning notices for the various bouncy castle, climbing frames and trampolines that people could injure themselves on. The fridge in the garage that is usually empty contains party food that the kids are looking forward to as it is normally carefully rationed. Heather is looking forward to watching the wedding, Matthew not so much he would rather be out playing and I am not sure how much Lucy understands. I hope the rain holds off, it looks as if we will see some wetness on the day, a shame after all the beautiful weather we have been having.

Anyway however you spend the 'free bank holiday' raise a glass to the man who will probably be our king someday and his new wife and if you can get to a street party don't forget the silly union jack hats!


diney said...

Enjoy the day! I was apathetic about it all until a couple of days ago when I watched a programme about wills and kate, and I'm all up for the day's celebrations now, and am getting my 11 year old into the zone too as it is something she will always remember.

Alexis Bass Writes said...

AW! I'm so jealous. I will be watching at 1am from my television in Seattle (SOOOO not the same thing) :)

Nice to meet you! *waves*

Carla said...

Aw, any reason for a holiday sounds fun to me! And a wedding is such an exciting thing!