Saturday, April 16, 2011


Over dinner this evening we were discussing the imminent return of Dr Who. I have always remembered watching it curled up on the sofa and certainly since Tennant's doctor I have been as riveted as ever! Heather has shared this love of all things odd, or should that be ood?

Anyway Matthew hasn't really watched as the few times he has watched it he has bailed in the first ten minutes. Still I was talking to Heather about how everyone said this series was going to be scary and maybe I should watch it and then she could see it the next day if it was suitable. Needless to say this idea didn't go down very well with her and she insisted that she would be fine.

'Are the garlicks coming back?' Matthew piped up, I kept a straight face thinking I'd misheard.
'You know the garlicks, not garlic bread but the garlicks, round things that move.'
We tried to convince him that they are called daleks, we really did, but watch out for great white things that move and shout, they could be coming to a screen near you...

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