Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Mr Nobody

You may have heard of this person, I certainly have. He lives in my house but never seems to be seen or heard by anyone but he gets up to lots of mischief.

He leaves mess over the floors usually mud or wet footprints, he forgets to flush the toilet and he draws on the wall. It seems every time one of these instances occur no-one knows who has done it. Indeed there may be a pencil at the scene of the crime or even a pair of shoes, a guilty face is often seen on one of the kids but nevertheless they insist it wasn't them and therefore it must be someone else.

If you see him, let me know and if you are lucky enough to talk to him please ask him to remember if you make a mess clear it up and take your shoes off before you come in the door.


mum in meltdown said...

I think he must have an extended family because I'm sure some of them live here! x

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

Oh, I've seen him, alright. He also forgets to flush the toilet, do his homework and brush his teeth... Lovely blog you have going here!