Tuesday, July 6, 2010

School holidays are here

How quickly has July come around this year? The kids have now broken up from school and before us stretches two, yes TWO whole months!

It took a whole hour for the children to start arguing over toys, who was going in the garden and who was having what book. Before the weekend was over Lucy was running a temperature and on Monday Heather was complaining that her ear was hurting. Great start!

We have only three weeks until our holiday, the nappy battle is continuing, Lucy knows what to do, how to go to the toilet and so on but she refuses to do so unless we take her nappy away, and even then she'll take her opportunity to make a mess of herself. She is just so stubborn, can't think where she gets that from!

In other news we have had quite a few people come and look at the house, and even a couple who want to come and have a second look, and even more exciting had an offer accepted on a property that we really like. The problem is now, that if we don't manage to sell our house quickly we will probably lose the house we want to buy and be back at square one. Still never mind, all fun and games.

I have also had lots of appointment to arrange, we are all paying a visit to the dentist next week as well as the hairdresser and Heather is hopefully going to have her very first opticians appointment as well as trying to get the holiday shopping done.

Still things can only get better, the sun is still shining and hopefully we can get out and do a few things once the kids perk up of course.

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