Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alas, poor blog and moving

I have to apologise (again). I have been busy, very busy and as a result the posts here have been far and few between but here are just a few of the reasons why I have been run so ragged;

We have taken the plunge and decided to sell our house in the hope of finding a bigger one. This is not without risk and has meant a lot of soul searching and thought. We love our house, we have pretty much made it all our own and it is in a lovely location. But it is just too small for all of us now and we need somewhere bigger. Having accepted this we had to decide on a budget which is in part determined by what er can get for our own house and thus the hand wringing began. Eventually we found an agent we liked, with a good valuation and thus we are now on right move etc.

Now we have started viewing which is great but tiring, especially with the kids whose sole idea of viewing a house is to see how many times they can race around whilst we bellow at them, hmmm... Then the whole shall we live near the school debate began. Originally we wanted to be near the school, within walking distance and then I realised that with all the after school clubs and activities the kids do this may not be as practical as we first thought, plus the kids need a break when they came out of the school. Plus they have so much holiday that although the journey can be a pain it isn't for that much of the time.

So now we wait for an offer whilst we consider making one.

School is winding up for the summer we have had reports, Heather and Matthew have both done well and I was really proud of them both. This was quickly followed by parent consultations and again pretty good. Matthew has had a school trip and as it involved trains he was happy, Heather's is coming up. They have met their new teachers and we have had the summer sports event, a dancing show and Matthew has his first chance to experience school dinners on Tuesday. Not to mention that Matthew has a teddy bears picnic on Thursday, his last day in nursery class, hard to believe that he will be at school all day from September like Heather!

Anyway summer approaches, I am trying to watch as much of Wimbledon as possible as it is my last tennis hit until the hard court season begins. The Florida countdown begins now as we are off for a fortnight soon.

Think I might need another holiday for a rest!

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Anonymous said...

Glad that your kids did well! Pride is such a wonderful emotion! xxx