Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holiday Shopping

This weekend I decided I needed to finish off the holiday shopping, I hate leaving things to the last minute, with the kids things tend to crop up out of thin air if I do. So with a fortnight to go I was starting to get jittery, especially as the remaining days are filling up with appointments, yes I am actually braving a visit to the dentist tomorrow with the kids!

So on Sunday after taking the kids swimming and running home, no I wasn't left behind I am madly running every week at the moment, Heather and I jumped into the car to the Lakeside. We had to brave the M25 for just one junction, and sure enough as we got within two miles of the junction traffic ground to a halt. Unfortunately the car behind me didn't stop so promptly. Apart from a loud bang there was no damage but it did shake Heather up, it is the first time she has experienced anything like that and she was very worried we would get into trouble despite the fact that the other car had bumped into us!

We arrived without any further incident and we both had fun trying things on and messing about. Heather had another first, an eye test, she was a little unsure about it but did complete the test and luckily not anything to worry about, despite the fact that she regularly reads at all hours in low light! We did manage to get most of the things we went for and I then hit the internet to get the things we hadn't been able to get.

So now I am itching to get the suitcases out and deprive the kids of most of their wardrobes so that I can pack up but I am going to wait, until next week at least!

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gaelikaa said...

That sounds hectic, but you seem organised enough, Mel. I'm sure you'll get it sorted out in time.

My kids are back off their school holidays already. Strange, isn't it? :)