Monday, April 12, 2010

House Hunting

Next year we are hoping to move house, maybe even sooner if the market picks up. We have had the house valued and know we have a bit of work to do before it is market ready, we've set our budget and even started looking to see what is about.

We went to see the first house on Saturday, we had the kids with us and if you think moving is stressful, how about just looking! We had warned the children they weren't to touch and that they had to remember that this was where somebody lived, even reminding them that at some point people would be looking at our house and they wouldn't want their things messed about with.

The house was lovely, although not right for us. The children loved the big bedrooms and Heather, having found a pink one declared it would be hers! It took an absolute age to look around as most of the time our attention was diverted by one of the littlies looking as if they may do something.

It occurred to me over lunch that although we had talked to the children about moving we hadn't actually asked them what they wanted from a new house, after all they are going to be living there! So I asked! Heather was quite straightforward, she wanted a big pink bedroom, a big garden and a playroom and a toilet. Think we should be able to manage that. Matthew was more complicated;
Lightening McQueen bedroom Check
Playroom with a table to put railway track on check
Big garden with swing and slide check
orange tunnel so he can get to his bedroom, hmm slight problem there. Maybe we have been visiting one too many play centres, still the estate agent did say they like a challenge...

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