Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guest Writer

I don't often feature guest writers in the blog but today I am making an exception.
Yesterday without any prompting Heather sat and wrote without being asked and without any help (hence a few errors in spelling and so on) the following;
The Rabbit and the Dragon

Once there was a rabbit called Amalie. One day she went for a stroll through the wood. Now let me tell you about Amalie. She had black hair and a lilac dress and she had a pet bird. It was beautiful it was a bluebird called buttercup. On Tuesday she had some gardening to do so she did it. She went for a stroll in the wood on Saturday 1st August. She was going to the park to have a picnic and she brought it in a basket. There was cake, biscuits, an apple two bananas a lollypop grapes strawberries and raspberries, a few cherrys some ham and butter rolls, a gingerbread man a packet of smarties plums and a drink of orange juice. She found some flowers. She picked dandelions buttercups poppys roses primroses bluebells and sunflowers. She picked them all. She put them in her basket and set off. Along the way she met a dragon. The dragon blew some hot fire and said ‘little bunny solve this puzzle to go through if you don’t you will get eaten. What is 100+100?’ She thought and she thought but she could not answer and you know what that means she was eaten. A prince rabbit saw all this and with his sowd cut the dragons chest.
It fell to the ground it was dead. Amalies head popped out and they instantly fell in love they were marryed next day and lived happily ever after.
Written by Heather Louise Trevelyan on Monday 12th April 2010 aged 5 and 8 months.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter
All about Spring
S is for the sun shining in the sky
P is for poppy pink and waking up
R is for rows of roses
I like cherry blossom all nice and pink
N is for nightingales singing in the trees
G is for people playing in the garden
That is what spring in about

All about Summer
S is for sunflowers growing in the sun
U is for us injoying the weather
M is for me watching the sun
M is for Matthew playing in the garden
E is for eating outside together
R is for going riding on our bikes.
Thats what Summer is all about

All about Autumn
A is for animals eating leaves
U is for umbrellas in the rain
T is for trees losing leaves
U is for umbrellas going up and down
M is for many leaves falling off trees
N is for navy blue raindrops
Thats what Autumn is all about

All about Winter
W is for wooly clothes to keep you warm
I is for iscicles everywhere
N is for night time coming early
T is for trees covered with snow
E is for everybody playing in the snow
R is for roads being closed because of the snow
Thats what winter is all about

Proud, me, yes!


Belgravia wife - sort of said...

Hi there - what a truly marvellous story - plot, characterisation, intrigue - love it ! Really it's adorable. My son devised a story yesterday about a candle that comes to life and keeps people company - we were talking about why people sleep in shop doorways - it's a work in progress....! x

Leigh Russell said...

I love the story of the rabbit and the dragon. The title makes you feel a bit scared straight away because you think, 'This can't end well. The rabbit will be in danger!' She is such a lovely rabbit, I'm so happy the prince saved her! (It was very noble of him to fall in love with her when she had just come out of the dragons' tummy...)

Mel said...

Thank you both for the lovely story, I think she has pinched some of the ideas from Red Riding Hood! The candle story sounds lovely.