Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter holidays are upon us

Yes it's that time of year, Easter, filled with chocolate heaven and sugar driven hell for parents. Already the children seem to have amassed enough chocolate to scale a mountain and the children have been recounting in all its gory detail the Easter story. Now the holidays have begun and checking the weather forecast is proving depressing. Rain, rain and then for a change, a little bit more rain!

Still I am sure we will be able to find something to do. Lucy will still be attending nursery two afternoons a week, that means I should be able to do some more grown up things with the older two. Current ideas include arts and crafts, ten pin bowling, a trip to the local country park, cinema and cooking. I have vetoed a couple on the basis that Lucy can join in but we'll see which of the others we can fit in.

More worrying mine and Mr T both have out birthdays approaching, sadly Mr T is away on his birthday, so we will have to try and celebrate it the previous day! It is the days when Lucy is not at nursery and there are all three to entertain that I am more worried about. Mr T will be here over the Easter weekend but that is about it! We have a couple of events lines up and a few activities we can all do but I fear I may be turning to CBeebies, Disney and the DVD player for help if all else fails! Here's hoping the sun shines and the children, and I can enjoy the garden!

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diney said...

yes it makes such a difference when the sun shines and you can all get out for picnics or bike rides. It is so frustrating when it rains and you have to fill the day completely with art and cooking as you feel a failure putting tv on (ok I've been a failure many times and resorted to the tv but I'm only human)